Cactnid Kid - faction pet?

As you can see in spoilers about pets, Cactnid Kid is a faction pet for City of Thieves (coming at Aug 30). I don’t know the full story, evidently, but now it looks like an inappropriate choice. Cactnids are from Drifting Sands, and City of Thieves belongs to Leonis Empire. Yes, Leonis Empire and Drifting Sands are neighbors, but this pet isn’t even a thief. I expected Ninja Cat to be a faction pet for City of Thieves. Does anybody want to discuss it?

Crypt Keepers and Sword’s Edge.
Silver Necropolis and Silverglade.

The pairings don’t always makes sense. Just assume they’re rivals. Maybe the City of Thieves stole the Cactnid Kid from the Cactnid family and is now tagging along with the hero for conquering the faction.

The lore/mythos/flavor/whatsyoucallit has become a total mess anyway.
Many troop types are quite arbitrary, wargare, urska and stryx are seperate types, but lupina are wildfolk and not all are what you would expect. Some troops you would expect to be fey or elf but it’s vice versa. What’s the difference between monster and beast?
Once upon a time the colors had a kind of speciality to them. Red would boost attack and deal damage, yellow grants health and has divine units etc, purple had undead and poison. Scythes would damage all units, bows snipe… now everything is mostly divided based on balancing and a bit of mechanics but anything related to art and story is a random mix.