Buying VIP chests one at a time is more economical than 50?


I will use those 5-10 minutes to do something else and those 722 gems is just an average you came up with not everyone will get that result. I used no gems last mythic…My gem stash is pretty good right now because I’m not throwing them away chasing the new modes.


10 vip at a time seems worth it. Maybe.


You’re saying “this is the average” like it’s a bad thing. That was the entire point of the argument. This is the behavior everyone should expect to see. Departures from it are because of luck, be it good or bad.

Edit: I’m with @UKresistance. 10 VIP seems like a happy middle ground between gem savings and not risking a memory leak from opening chests one at a time. (Assuming I were eligible for VIP chests, that is.)


So… are you trying to say that:

“I have a huge gem stash therefore your method is not efficient”?

Because that’s what your message tells. Why are you angry at me, dude?
I don’t like it when someone tells me what do, but was I pressuring you? I’m just describing the most efficient way how I see it, you’re free to ignore it.


who is angry? Saying I’m angry is a bit of a stretch. You are giving your opinion and I’m giving mine. I did not think anyone is angry. Maybe you misread my comment.


Hey I read your initial post and it is impressive work. I do have a question though: for a new guy like me that still needs a lot of the legendaries and epics wouldn’t buying 50 at time be a little more worth it? For the guys that are missing a few mythics it makes sense to buy one at a time because they really don’t need the lower cards but a guy like me it looks like buying in bulk might be better.


If you only have a few Mythics, you can buy gem or VIP chests outside of exclusive periods without the risk of pulling a duplicate. We, endgame players who own almost everything, can’t do that, because we will likely pull something we already have.
Yes, you should buy 50 at a time (outside of exclusive periods), because an extra Mythic won’t hurt you,


Hey thanks for clarifying. I’m about to drop a bunch of gems on some vip chests and I saw your post. I was like ‘better check with you and make sure I’m doing it right before I spend them’. Very informative thread but I’m just not in the end game situation yet. Thank you for responding. Everybody here is so helpful. It makes me enjoy the game that much more.