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Burn is still a little stronger than Poison

Burn is a little stronger than Poison, what I wish was that poison got buffed a little.
My suggestion would be that Poisonous troops has a chance of dealing 1-2 true damage each turn, or zero.
So 33,33% chance on each, dealing randomly 0, 1 or 2 true damage every turn.

What is your opinion/suggestions on this?

When it could not kill it was much stronger but lacking. Poison hit true damage at a 100% 1 damage each turn but it could not kill which made it about the same level as burn. Then they nerfed it but gave it the ability to kill but burn was given the ability to kill but maintain the ability of 3 damage 100% of the time each turn. This weakened an already weak mechanic in the game. I used serpent which poisons with its spell and with its trait but i think do to this last nerf to poison it is time to take my hand off my serpent and put him away. He made red gems which was good as they fed Valkyrie and in turn fed my serpent which layed on the poison but i had no way to kill and with ever turn that passes both burn and poison wear of which means that burn if on for a single turn will do 3 damage to health or armour but poisoned troops are not guaranteed to be poisoned and in most cases will live through it just fine.

As it is now if I am correctly:

Burn inflict 3 damage on a 100% chance rate every turn. 10% that it will worn off.
Poison inflict 0 or 1 true damage every turn - 50/50. 10% that it will worn off.
Both effects can kill.

Burn looks more than a little stronger than Poison after a 2nd thought, as it is now. When that is said looking at the skills of the differently troops it looks for me that Burn was made to be stronger than Poison, and there would be needed a ton of balancing work on troops if poison was raised. There is some poisonous troops that poison every enemy troops, while the best burn skill we find in Salamander that has a 30% chance to burn every enemy troop.

Poison doesn’t wear off like Burn does so in a long match, Poison could do more damage than Burn.

Sirrian’s response to Poison vs Burn is applicable here:

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Oh pioson can’t wear off so after 10 turns even if it does not damage it still stays but that is still hella slow.

That I have totally missed, that poison cant wear off anymore. Also I feel when I am using troops that inflict burn that the % that burn will worn off is a lot higher than 10% every turn. Is it that it increases every turn to worn off by 10% or is it staying like 10% chance every turn.

It’s a cumulative 10% chance, so 10% in the first turn, 20% in the second turn, 30% in the third turn, etc.


Thanks a lot, that makes sense. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

To explain i will make a table to explain how it wears off.
Turn 1) 10%
Turn 2) 20%
Turn 3) 30%
and so on.
everyturn it increases how much more likely the effect wears off and is guaranteed to wear off by turn 10

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On average burn will wear off after around 3.8 turns. It’s a rounded up number, but if you do the math it will be approximate.

Yeah, it is slow. thats the only big minus(?), because the battles often doesnt have a long enough length for poison to be very effective. But burn can inflict 3-4 turns * 3 damage on average as @DonBoba, said, before it worns off. The battles often doesnt take more than a few turns before one have won, tho. So Burn is more effective in this game on an average, since the avg battles has not that many turns for poison to be effective.

But poison deals true damage, which can be comboed for nice things. Also it’s a persistent status effect which combines nice with watcher for example. :slight_smile:

Yeah, also poisonous troops that poison all the enemies does very nice things in their skill in addition to poison all the enemies.

Or for example webspinner poisons the whole team with a single cast, then deals triple skull damage to poisoned troops :wink:

Yeah, just cant wait for that arcane to be available in the glory pack. It probably have been available, but I have missed it. Webspinners attack is a little weak tho, but getting skull damage tripled for poisoned enemies is quite a good trait :slight_smile:

I take away that a mythic webspinners attack is weak, its 21. So its quite good, 63 skull damage each turn for poisoned enemies. quite OP…

It can be even higher then 21 with 5 gold star kingdoms.

Yeah, looks like Webspinner along with some other Legendaries got quite some love…

If your attack is 12 damage, burn on enemy with 13 health but wears off at 1 HP it will have the same effect as poison at 13 health and takes 1 HP if you kill that troop with skull damage.

Webspinner triple damage is not OP if you are using it against a troop with stoneskin or Granite skin.

I do say dealing 31 damage is very good still on troops with stoneskin. But Granite skin is quite tough…