Bunnies and Barrows

800 Event Keys for the 6 copies of the new legendary

This time it should be correct
300 keys

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I opened 50 event keys and got 2x Starflower


207 keys to mythic her! My cheapest yet :blush:

450 keys so far and no luck. However I have gotten about 10 bunni-nogs, 10 silent ones, 10 silenus.

Edit: It took me 1000 keys! I can’t believe how many of the other legendaries I got before pulling her. On the last pull I also got TWO wild queens, which I previously didn’t own. So at least it wasn’t all just for starflower.


I get but don’t get the need to ascend a thing to mythic right away. I stopped at the 1 I got for 100 keys.

To me the other 1400 event keys I still have are insurance against bad luck the next time a legendary releases. That insurance is worth more to me than the tiny stat boosts a mythic Starflower would get. In my reckoning, I’ll play the game “forever”, so it’s statistically guaranteed I’ll get enough copies from LTs and opening chests for mythics.

That insurance feels especially needed now that they’ve capped event keys per week and kingdoms with more than 3 legendaries exist.


I’m guessing people want them ascended so they can level up their kingdoms.

You could be right, but if you get your first after 450 Keys like I did, don’t bother to get 5 more :slight_smile:

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Got them both with only 30 keys. Guess I’ve been lucky if I read al of this…. :smiley::smile:

Queen Grapplepot is ‘realistic’.

Opening event keys, one by one, and on the seventeenth, Starflower appeared.

Also, picked up superfluous copies of King Silenus and The Silent One, too.

Of course, RNG doesn’t like me enough to allow me to hit on that 1 in a 1000 shot (The Wild Queen, and if those are still roughly the same odds, of course). :unamused:

I know that part, but when I think about spending 2000 keys I kind of hope to get more than some trivial gold increase per day or whatnot.

Heck even at this point, is +1 Magic significant at endgame?

The whole point of the game’s model is to talk people into spending $100 to make $1 back. Don’t play by their rules.

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Not required to level up Pan’s Vale as high as it can be currently.

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Well, you do need either The Wild Queen or you need Starflower ascended to max out.

Yep… As well as 20 other Pans Vale troops to level 20.

Does anyone else’s Lapina Explorer look like a Peasant? Not sure why my phone still hasn’t loaded the correct image.

One of my guildies reported the same

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Reinstalling should fix it. Not sure if there are other options