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Bullserker Spell Bug [NOT TECHNICALLY A BUG]

Platform, device version and operating system:
Playstation 4

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
The damage of Bullserker spell is less than what should be. In an example, it should deal 16-33 boosted with +133, so total of 149-166 damage, but it did only 117 damage (enemies don’t have ability to receive less spell damage).

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every time in every game mode.

Steps to make it happen again
Just use the spell.

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Conveyance issue. The spell’s damage is actually a range that can be represented [magic + 3 + Boost Ratio] * (0.5~1.0), but the text makes it seem like it is [magic + 3] * (0.5~1.0) + Boost Ratio. There are posts on other similar bug reports that this is how the spell is intended to work, so this will likely just get marked as [Not a Bug], possibly without even a reply.

Slightly off topic, but it still disappoints me every time that they don’t have some kind of flag or list for these ongoing conveyance issues that are a problem and keep popping up, as [Not a Bug] strongly implies that no action will be taken to resolve an issue even though something is definitely not right, even if that thing is not directly related to coding. Here, I think that it would be exceptionally rare for a player to be able to intuit that text as representing what the spell actually does and is supposed to do before using the spell. After repeated uses, some will realize after the fact that it actually works according to the first formula, a large chunk aren’t even paying attention or don’t care, but a not-insignificant portion of the rest are left with the belief that the spell is broken but only a silver of those are even willing to make a bug report. And I’d be willing to be that tiny silver shrinks with each [Not a Bug] slapped on a valid complaint, leading more and more people to the assumption that the game is a lot more “buggy” or “broken” than it actually is.

Please find a way to categorize/record these in such a way that the playerbase can know that they are “on the radar”. We know they are “low priority”, but conveyance issues are issues too, even when the underlying gameplay is “working as intended”.


Agreed, since this has been reported before (as mentioned), so not surprising that another person has been confused:

There was a response:

Maybe ‘Random Damage’ needs its own tool-tip, taking into account boosted damage, or Help Centre entry (as part of article incl. True Damage, etc.)?

Or just get rid of it completely. :slightly_smiling_face:


As you know, this isn’t technically a bug, but I have passed the feedback on.