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Bug with Lion and Tiger upgrade VIII

The weapon Lion and Tiger upgrade 8, called Striking (Deal 5 damage to the first ennemy) is bugged and won’t trigger under many circumstances.

The first slot is empty at the start of the spell
There is a troop movement
Then the damage is not dealt.

Exemple: first ennemy is dead. You target the troop in third place. It gets the normal damage, is stunned, and moves to first spot. No extra 5 damage.

If there is a troop in top spot, or if no troop is moved (because target dies from the usual damage) then the extra 5 is applied.

I guess it’s all bugged because of troop movement.

Suggestion: easier to change the trait than fixing the targeting issue. So change it to anything that does not involve the first or last troop.
So far this weapon’s trait tend to benefit a frontline hero (attack, armor and barrier) so maybe enrage?


Is this bug fixed?

Not until.next patch release, when ever that is.

I tried it today and it worked okay so sounds fixed?

That’s nice to hear!