Bug with guild members joining?

I recently opened my guild Alkots to the public from private (on xbox). Several people started joining, and the guild grew. Problem is these are people who joined and never played again, so they were kicked for inactivity to make room for active players.

The problem is now that I’ve not had one single new member since about the first of the year - in 6 months or so.

Could this be a bug? Not sure why I would get new members initially but 0 after kicking the inactives. Feels like doing so removed my guild from the random list that allows people to join from.

Thoughts? (Devs?)


One time this seemed to be happening to me, and I found a guildmate had changed the recruitment parameters by mistake. You should check and see if your level requirement has gone up, or if you’ve been reset to “private”

If those don’t help, good luck!

Another thing you can try is put it to invite only then back to join. See if that helps.