Bug with Finesse at the delve

Android 8.1.0 MIUI Global 9.6

Tried to attack with Finesse, but when I clicked at each enemy the triple window of its profile has opened. So I had to exit game and lost the delve as a result. Sadly.

Has happend first time.

This wasn’t the first room of the delve. What other rooms did you do before this? Can you remember?

Thanks for fast reply. First room, Drowned Grotto and Troll Hole.

It’s the same bug as reported before by several people: Unable to select Spell target

It’s logged in the known issues as:

It’s happened to me on 2 different occasions and both times were in delve events, which is strange. After evaluating my play speed, I don’t think I play those events any faster than normal, but the bug doesn’t seem related to specific events or game modes. Other people have reported that it happened in class event, world event and I think even explore.


I had this but just needed to press right on D pad and then it would cast.