[Bug] Three Sisters +3 Magic on Enemy Death

Platform, device version and operating system: Windows 10, Steam

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened: Three Sisters says “If an Enemy dies, give 3 Magic to all Allies.” I used it on the center target, and the center target died, and the splash damage killed the adjacent enemies. That’s 3 enemy deaths from casting the ability, but I only gained 3 Magic, not 9 magic.

However, if the main target doesn’t die and the splash damage still kills an adjacent enemy, you’ll still gain 3 magic. So in other words, the game only checks to see if an enemy died at all, once. It doesn’t count each individual death.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
All the time. On release of weapon.

Steps to make it happen again
Target an enemy that will die. No matter how many enemies die from the single cast, whether it’s the main target or the adjacent enemies, you’ll only ever gain 3 Magic, even if all 3 die.

That seems to be consistent with the wording on the card…

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It doesn’t say “for each enemy that dies”, it says “if an enemy dies”. Cast spell -> did an enemy die? -> if so, give magic. That’s it - one single check to see if an enemy died, and one single bonus event if so. So from your description, it’s working correctly.

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So the weapon is even worse than I thought it was originally… perfect.

Nevermind…saw another post and i agree on this weapon being a dissapointment…this week sucks

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Well, it’s even worse. Mythic and Class event, both this week, both useless.