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[BUG REPORT] Guild Wars Defence Teams didn't save properly

I thought this bug was fixed ages ago, but it seems to have cropped up again.

At the start of the week I set up my Defence Teams which are called “Blue Defence”, “Yellow Defence”, “Purple Defence” etc so it’s clear which one is to be used on which day.

I’ve just looked at my results for the week and, for some reason, on Day 1, instead of having my Green Defence Team, it’s got my Blue Defence Team.

This means I’ve lost points for duplicating Troops :rage:

Has anyone else had this happen since the last update?

Happened once in Black Dragon this week with double confirmations and pictures from monday when defs were correct and then ive heard rumblings from others for this week as well.

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Right, so it wasn’t just me being careless.

I hope the Devs will check this out, because something has clearly “unfixed” their previous fix…

PS Title changed to Bug Report.

I had my blue and brown days switch back on me this wars. I did catch it before it was too late though.

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