Bug Report - Giant Spider attacked my own troops

I was in a battle with my Giant Spider, Kraken, Giant Spider, Kraken team against a Gorgon, Giant Spider, Kraken, Kraken team. My Kraken used its special ability which created a setup where the opponent got to match a five of a kind blue . When it took the turn all of the sudden my first Giant Spider attacked all of my team, including itself.

I’ve never seen anything like this happen before. At first I thought I was imagining it, but if you look at the screenshot that I took immediately after it happened, you can see that all four of my team are damaged and poisoned. Neither of his Krakens had gone yet so no one should be damaged except for my first character, and his Gorgotha is still in first place, so there is nothing that could have poisoned me.

I ended up winning, so I guess it’s no harm no foul, but I definitely thought that this should be reported.

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This is a bug caused by opponents kraken. Its a known bug that using kraken against enemy can lead into enemy troops attacking its own team.
The order of how it occurs is that you first need to use your Krakens ability (or enemy has to use it). Then on a 4/5 match when your krakens third trait should do 3 damage to enemy - the game bugs out and causes your top troop to hit your team. Your troops still take only 3 damage. However bad side of this bug is that it applies on skull hit effects - like poisom from spider, freeze and deathmark from wraith etc.
Bug happens randomly but when it happens it always happen in the order described above.

Thanks. Glad to know it’s already a known issue.