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Bug Report - Ghoul - Spell no Longer Reduces Life

Lately, I’ve noticed that the Ghoul’s spell no longer affects the target’s Life, although the spell description still says it reduces ALL stats by 1. I searched the forum and the blog but didn’t find any announcement of a deliberate nerf, so I suppose it’s a bug.

The spell otherwise still works as usual (it reduces Attack, Armor and Magic by 1, deals 8 damage and destoys 6 random gems).

What you were expecting to happen?

and what actually happened?

What are the steps to make it happen again?

I’ve seen this consistently every time the spell is cast, from my side or the opposing side, and whether the Ghoul is native to the line-up or was brought to the battlefield by a Summoner. All battles happened in the Arena, of course.

Could you please review and advise? Thanks in advance.

Ever get an answer?
Now I notice the Ghoul isn’t even destroying 6 gems. It removes a few. Although I did see it blow up a Doom Skull on the last spell cast.

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