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BUG - can't finish the dungeon battles

Today I played dungeon battles on my mobile phone (Samsung S7 Edge if that matters) and after each victory the game would freeze. My screen would look like this


I couldn’t do anything after this except to get out of the game altogether. When I would get back, I would get a victory, but I don’t know if I received any of the rewards. I did all three battles because I wanted to see if this would repeat and yes it did repeat after all dungeon battles. Please look at this issue.

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I have the same problem on my Iphone 7+

Try to uninstall the game, and install it on new. Make sure your device is registered so u can always link your progression. Write down the password before you uninstall the game. I had some issues on my android, this helped me.


Thank you for the advice, but I don’t think I am going to go through the hassle because devs didn’t bother to test the “update” and hit us with something no one wanted and no one asked for. I would rather not play. However, I appreciate your post.

While I have problems to understand that, I respect your opinion.

I have the same issue, annoying as all hell but I just put up with it. I checked and you do still get the rewards, you just have to restart the game every time. Whateva.

I don’t usually mind when I have to reinstall the game if there’s problem with it, but they were due to unforeseen circumstances and devs immediately respond knowing about the bug. In this particular case, I guess it’s more a thing of being annoyed that they forced upon us something that they didn’t even bother testing. What sane game producer does that??? And then when I get the bug, I have to try and reinstall the game and maybe that will help, and maybe it won’t Yeah, no.

I am fine with that, as it is totally up to you if you want to or not.

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Just to throw more fuel on the fire, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game. It fixed the problem.

(Didn’t need a password, but keep note of in just in case.)