BUG? Baba Yaga/Urska Crown Summons Low Level

What I was expecting to happen:
Baba Yaga would summon a lvl 18 Yaga’s Hut; Urska Crown would summon fully leveled Urska

What Happened:
Baba Yaga summons lvl 14 Huts, and Urska Crown summoned all Urska at lvl 12, even though i had a copy of every card summoned, all lvld between 18-20

Steps to make it happen again:
over a few PVP matches, this happened every summon. i tried it in both casual and ranked.

one example, Summoned Corrupted Urska @ lvl 12, even though I have him at lvl 20. in the background, that is a lvl 14 hut

The level they summon at is based on the summoner’s magic.

thank you!