"Brown" Factions... Don't exist. 🤷‍♂️

The new deeds system is to help players overcome the extreme difficulty of getting most of the Factions to 2500 renown. Our first official deeds adventure board tasks are therefore of course tied to the color :poop:.
Why :poop: you ask and not brown? Because of the 13 Faction’s we have currently available. Not a single one is tied to a Kingdom that is the color brown let alone the color :poop:. So currently for me… And maybe at least a few others. This:

Currently = the same value as :poop: for me.

So if this task was manually picked by the devs. Then it’s some :ox::poop:. If it wasn’t… And it’s just pure RNG… Well then that’s some :poop: but will at least trigger a title change.

PS… I want to be WRONG about this. So if someone can correct me and point out a brown kingdom tied to a Faction then I’d appreciate it. I checked twice and couldn’t see it. :man_shrugging:

(At the very least this thread will hopefully prevent others from trying to find a Faction tied to a brown Kingdom so that only my time was wasted. Not an easy thing to check by the way.)


‘Breathe in through the nose… slowly… slowly… And out…’ :wink: (You not me :joy: ) No need to “yell”. At some point you’ll need those brown ones too and even another colour would not have been helpful at this time. Simply wait a little longer until we get more deeds.


Actually… Any other color would help someone with Delves right now.
Since it would allow them to get to level 12 on their kingdom.
This is the one color that doesn’t help… In that regard.

The angst is from them acknowledging that the Delves are too difficult for a year now but then doing little to nothing to make it better. Including today’s example.

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There was a 1 in 9 chance that a single color would be avoided by all 13 factions so far (assuming equal probability of landing on each color—I don’t care to do the math for anything else). That’s not that low. Of course, it is darkly amusing that not only did we hit that scenario, but the very first deed task in the adventure board gives us precisely that color (odds of 1 in 54).


Wait… Aren’t there only 6 colors available in the game? Lol
Choosing each Faction isn’t RNG based though. It’s a little strange that out of 13 Factions… None of them are tied to a brown mastery. Insert inappropriate joke about the color brown being the only color off the list thus far. :face_with_monocle:

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My wish for better faction teams was actually that the hero would count too… Doesn’t seem to happen obviously… :cry:


Too easy of a fix I guess. :man_shrugging:


Hero with faction weapon
Btw guardian hall is brown and yellow.

But the linked overworld kingdom, Whitehelm is yellow so the deeds today doesn’t help with the faction at all.


You are wrong about this, in a different way. The current ultimate goal is to get kingdoms to level 15. You need 30 correctly colored deeds for this, the legendary task provides 6, so you need to hit this very task 5 times to get there. There’s 6 colors available, meaning it should take about 20 legendary deed tasks, including some streaking. At roughly one legendary deed task each month based on projected collected data that’s a bit shy of two years from now. So don’t worry, even if the next legendary deed task is brown, it won’t matter for years to come.

I was requesting that someone tell me I was wrong about there not being a Faction that’s linked to a Kingdom that has a brown color mastery…
I have since been verified to be correct.

So whatever argument you’re trying to initiate here. It’s not with me. :man_shrugging:

Yes, but the mana colours of factions have nothing to do with deed colours… Hall of Guardians is sister faction to Whitehelm which gives yellow mastery bonus.

Like just about everything in this game it’s random. We didn’t choose the Adventure it chose us.



Title changed as promised. Please see me on my new request…Soon™ . :grinning:

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This was the good point you had, but you buried the lede. Now people are going to pick you apart for the rest of the thread because “a-hyuk, it’s random gawrsh”! I’m used to it. It doesn’t matter if you have an opinion people support, spell a word wrong and that’s the new point of the thread.

When completely random rewards pull from a pool where not everything is equal, there’s always the chance the worst prize is chosen. Players were already upset with 4.5, so it would’ve been a nice idea to nudge the deeds towards one that could be actually used. Instead, the RNG picked the worst possible prize.

That’s not a broken mechanic. I feel like it’s just a sign the devs are completely out of touch with player sentiments. They’ve decided we’re just a bunch of spoiled babies (except those of us who spend on every event).

This update sucks. It hasn’t delivered a single working feature. Or, the only feature it did deliver that functions properly was not intended to start until yesterday but nobody in the devs realized players would interpret “I have 0 deed tasks” as “the drop rate is infinitely small”. Completely out of touch.

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But you did choose to let the Adventure chose us instead of choosing yourself. Would it be too early to talk about different flavors of randomness and how they might improve the overall feeling towards the game? I’d throw in “Pharos Ra” as a starting point.

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