Bronze Campaign Tasks Can't Be Completed

It has been several weeks now that I have not been able to complete the bronze tasks in the current campaign. This type of issue has always been fixed quickly, thus I haven’t reported it before.

I paid the $9.99 for the expanded pass, so I would like to be able to get the mythic troop and mythic pet.

What do you mean you can’t complete them?

He’s at 17/50 Bronze tasks without any active task.

OP: Make sure you send in a support ticket as well as this post.

Thanks, I just did.

I assume you left for a significant period of time and are just coming back?

This same thing happened to me when I came back…some sort of bug with campaigns a while back or something seems to be the cause.

No, I haven’t been gone from the game.

The issue has been resolved and my bronze tasks are open. Now I get the fun of catching up.