Broken's Spire income

I expected income from Broken’s Spire to reach 45 (20 base + 25 for quests) after completing all quests in kingdom, so it would be the same as income from other kingdoms.

Unfortunately maximum bonus income from completing quests in Broken’s Spire equals to only 15 in my case, so income from kingdom (star-less) is 35.
I have completed both main plot and unlocked warlord class - there are no more active quests in Broken’s Spire.

This is an inconsistent behavior, so I suspect bug.

I’m not sure if I can did it up, but at one point they mentioned this was a display bug, but the correct gold was still being paid out.

I’ll see if I can find it for you.

I found what I was looking for, but not quite the same as your bug, so perhaps something else is going on. Here is the other thread just for reference.

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Broken Spire, being the starting kingdom for all new players, does not have five income quests like all other kingdoms, it only has three. So +15 gold once the quest line is completed is correct.

Its the strangest thing. I stared at it for ages (months ago) and had to get Sirrian to explain it to me…

The reason is that there are quests that reward you with non-income things. Specifically, starting troops. I can’t even remember what troops they were, probably a Goblin and something else…


Goblin and lance knight, I think.

Lance Knight, Warhound, and Goblin