Broken Spire has no Ogres

Broken Spire has no Ogres in it so why even put that about them worshiping a mighty Lava Wyrm? And even when you look it up in the troop list there is no Ogres to be found. And what 15, 16 years now? I lost count how old gems of war is but why do we not have any Ogres yet? Be nice to have a Ogre hero. I get it they titled them giants but it’s misleading.when Stormhelm has Giants.

Unlike Giant, Ogre is not an actual troop type in GoW in fact most of the ogre creatures are listed as giants for the type similar to how there are spiders but their troop type says beast yet there are ways to summon random spiders.
There are however in fact a few Ogres in Broken Spire but their type will not say Ogre.


Ogre. Ogress.
Both Broken Spire troops :confused:

Also, GoW hasn’t been in existence for “15,16 years now” Halve that number :wink:


That’s my point the bottom says Giants but no Ogres. We need it simple why did they not add Ogres. It’s misleading.

That’s my point the bottom says Giants but no Ogres. We need it simple why did they not add Ogres. It’s misleading. We need Ogres and they are active they just need to fix it right.

The flavour text is based on the kingdom quest plot:

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With this logic there should be a troop type for every type on animal in the game. Where are the “dog” troop type or “butterfly” troops type? How about “witch” or “god”?

Troop types are broad categories meant to encapsulate all troops in the game. Getting very specific would result in a crapton of troop types.


Yes and also to its negative side splitting up all the types into more types means that trying to get the bonus from having multiples of the same type or for the purpose of weapons that create more gems and do more damage for more troops of that type. Suddenly we would have a bunch of weapons with very little support for available troops and there would need to be new weapons added for all the new troop types making them less useful until then.

But hey we would have an ogre type added … :partying_face:


Havok6669 nailed it, splitting up Troop Types would absolutely impact team type bonuses and many summon tables. E.g. sure it may feel weird to see both Kobra and King Goblin summoning Emperinazara or her Kobolds (Goblin + Naga), but also note how Queen Moonclaw can’t summon just any Wargare but only “gnolls” (Wild Plains + Wargare?).

Compare how there is no distinction between Spider/Dark Elves (Zhul’kari), Wood Elves (Forest of Thorns), and High Elves (Silverglade).

There is some lore to be concerned with, sure, but it’s also a matter of practical mechanics.

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