Bringing Maps into the 4.3rd Century

Let me start with, although I am likely in the minority, on the whole, I dig maps (that was punny, thx)

I would like to see minor orbs, vault keys, and ingots included as rewards for vaults.

If you get 3+ vaults in one game, you should get a bonus chance for a minor orb or vault key (I suppose a leg or mythic ingot might also be appropriate here, but not what I would want, bc ingots meh). Putting combo-breakers and/or limits on how many can be won in a week might help if the initial testing proves that we would get too many, too easy.

It was lovely when y’all added in traitstones, but I feel the time has come for TH to become relevant and useful for new and end gamers alike.


Treasure Hunt is the best game mode. Adding the resources that did not exist previously would be a positive update.

Also, 5 Vaults = Guaranteed Mythic would increase TH play by 40,000%


I dunno that i would ever want mythics to be guaranteed, but it certainly would increase TH play hahaha xD

That sounds like a bad idea… that’s meant to be broken.

I’d settle for a Vault Key for every 2 Vault though

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Sounds fair to me
5 vaults is prob the same chance as a mythic from glory chests, if not less

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Any reason to deliberately play beyond 60 moves would be nice.