Brilliant Idea for bigger variety in PvP

This is one of the best suggestions I have read in the boards, from @sethrogensbackhair . Actually in first place we never play against humans, but computers. Humans only decides the teams. So I think this might be the solution for more variety in PvP. Computer generated teams is the way to go I think.

Any opinions about this?



Swen Giba didn’t work out so well…


@Mufasha Those bot teams won’t compete at all.

Except that will really leave no justification whatsoever to the name PvP (which is questionable already, but still makes some sense).

The Idea of a PvE mode against randomly created opponents is not a bad one, but I don’t think is should replace the current PvP (or be mixed with it), instead it should be a new mode entirely, side-by-side to the current PvP.


I like this idea, but also if both modes would had about the same quality of rewards I am afraid more and more people would had quited the currently PvP to rather get more variation in the new mode.

I wouldn’t be so sure.

The current PvP has some of its appeal in the fact that the opponent’s team belongs to a real person. For example, some of us really enjoy seeing the names of people we know from the forum, or past guildmates, or just returning revenge buddies (what is now called ‘rivals’).

It’s kind of similar to the reason some people want a real-time PvP, even with increasing match time and decreasing rewards - They simply like the idea of battling real people.

Another thing is, rewards are currently more or less based on the difficulty of the match. assuming the same system is used to determine rewards in the PvE mode, you will either get to fight similarly strong teams for the same reward, or weaker teams for less reward, so there’s no real advantage to the PvE mode. After all, if players want increased variety for decreased rewards, they can do that already with the current 3 choices system already.

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My thoughts on this are two-fold.
Yes this would give variety to the meta that the 5% are playing
The bots cannot play meta teams however and cannot join the leaderboard.
Now one thing i would like to see is some ai on ai action but i think that watching two ai play this game against each other is something only i want.

This is a very interesting idea. But seeing how it is not a Player created team it sort of violates PvP aspect.

HOWEVER, this idea would be an awesome new Mini game.

For example Battle against high level Dev created teams. If the rewards are decent it would be another game mode: Gauntlet style, If you loose a troop you can’t take them into the next battle. Or some other game style Etc many possibilities here. More game modes the better.

Other than arena i think all mini-games should cost maps but i do like the idea of a gauntlet mode with your own team, white helm teams and summoner teams might see a lot of play in such a game mode but at least it should be interesting, wonder how far a maw/mercy build would go?

I remember a Gauntlet being requested eons ago. Anyway, A new mode would be greatly appreciated. IMO it would be cool to face off against troops that I would not be able to obtain. Almost everything has a counter in PVP; so losing is almost impossible. It would be cool to face troops that you would only see in that mode.

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Gauntlet Mode+1
This would give me incentive to work with a Healer/Armor build.
Let’s face it. Healers slow down PvP speed, and practically little to none of the endgame teams put up with healers in their lineups.

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except mercy but she is definitely not there as a healer though.

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Gauntlet mode with Maw, how big can it be. :stuck_out_tongue:

The bots could be added to casual PvP, that won’t disrupt ranking and will provide some variety.

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Depending on the game match-ups and luck it will be the last thing standing on the team, or it gets taken out by goblins in the first run or a beast mode deck in the second or third run.

There’s variety right now, if you’re not optimizing. Pick anything but “hard” battles in ranked PvP and you’ll find a lot more diversity. Endgame players don’t usually do that, though, for a variety of reasons; but you could successfully argue that we shoot ourselves in the foot with the tools we’ve been given.


Very true! The majority of my revenge battles aren’t in the hard choice. I am not moving up the ladder exceptionally well, but sacrifices must be made some somewhere.

I think this would be a really fun idea, especially if they did things like make theme-based teams. Bring out a whole bunch of teams specifically designed for each kingdom or each troop type. Those would be fun to play against!


I think when I get out of work I’m going to swap to my “BaDaBoom!!!” Deck to have a gimmicky Def for a while

Red/Red Banner

Jarl (3)
Goblin Rocket (3)
Goblin Rocket (3)
Moloch (3)

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