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Brave Wolf Looking for active members (3 spots open)

I am looking for active players to join the guild. Our League Rank is 38 and our Guild Wars Rank is 32. Weekly Requirements are 10,000 gold, 350 Guild Seals and 25 trophies. You must be at least level 100 . I consider the guild a balanced guild since I prefer that members participate in Guild Events. I also understand that not everyone can sit down and play video games all day. Don’t join if your just going to sponge off of everyone else’s hard work.

Regarding Guild Events, I do want people to participate in Guild Wars. In order for the guild as a whole to rank up, you have to participate. I do understand that not all players have the very best troops. Even if someone loses a match the guild overall gets points toward the event total. This helps us either climb or retain our Guild Wars Rank.

We as a guild may not seem like a chatty bunch but we do help members with questions they may have.

In order to join the guild please send me your invite code. If you are not yet quite to level 100 and want to join, send me a message as well. Not sure were to find your invite code? It can be found in the settings menu on the bottom left.

Thank you a bunch and hope you join us. Together we can raise through the ranks!

I want to join the guild.
Collect more than 1000 guild seals.
160 level.
but. I started 2 week ago.
How can i join your guild?

Go into your guild, go to guild admin. Then there is an option to leave guild. Then after you left your old guild, you should have the option to find a new one. We should be listed cause we have 5 spots open.
I hope this was helpful instructions.

Hello Stannis, it’s M.A. I’m sure I was kicked for inactivity since I’ve been gone a while, but when I logged on today and tried to rejoin it wouldn’t let me and said I needed to contact the guildmaster.
Is there any way I can get my spot back? If not, I completely understand! Just thought I’d try!!

I’m glad to hear from you! I can easily send you an invite back. Not sure if you joined another guild already though. If you did, you’ll probably have to leave that one before I send the invite.

I have 4 spots available in the guild for more active members.

3 spots open. Just in time for guild wars!

5 spots open send invite code to join. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

3 spots open! Send me invite code to join. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: