Brand New Player, looking for advice please

Hello, former player of a lot of other Puzzle Quest games, just found out about this one. I am mainly asking for advise on 2 topics.

  1. Which heroes should I be using/concentrating on early game?
  2. What activities should I be doing mostly? Quests/challenges/exploration/Arena?

Thank you very much for your time!


Quests and arena as lower level and use the troops you start with for now and you’ll get more troops that you’ll like

The most important thing is to be in an active guild. A good guild will not ask for any gold contributions from you until your kingdoms are levelled.
A good guild will also help you with game play.
Check recruiting posts on these forums or jump into global chat. Don’t join a random guild, many of them are dead.
Play the questlines in each kingdom.
Arena is good, let’s you see what troops do.
Cash in keys from guild tasks weekly until you have built up some troops.


Open as much gold chest as you can. They will help you to ascend troops and get some gems, gold and glory and when you got enough copy for mythic you can start to disanchant them for extra souls.

Also do lot of treasure hunt and arena

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Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Loads of game information here, if you weren’t aware, is kind of hidden away in the forums/game menus:

Go straight to stormheim and complete the quest line and unlock titan class, earlier the better. Equip that to you hero and do not unequip it until you get it to 100. Put all you masteries you can in to brown and red. You will get mountain crusher at 17 I believe and mang at 23 red and 23 brown. This class plus those weapons will pretty much run you through lvl 500 and will win you pet battles, daily dungeons, raid boss, invasion, etc.

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  • Find a decent guild (either via this forum or global chat ingame)
  • Level Magic Kingdoms as a priority
  • Gain access to the arena, the soul forge and dungeons
  • Level Titan, Frostmage, Thief and Sentinel classes as a priority
  • farm souls in challenges, questlines and explore modes separately. Souls in early game generally requires teams including or built around Valkyrie, The Dragon Soul or warlocks. Necromancy trait.
  • do daily dungeons and tasks
  • if you’re going to spend real money, Dragonknight Armour is probably the best value if you’re going to stay around for a while.
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Is the titan class that broken?

Definately the first class you absolutely need to help with everything bigger than you actually are. It will be the class you use more than any other.

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I’d say it’s a little bit exaggerated, and given the time taken to get to Champion level 100, not worth completely ignoring the benefits of other classes until reaching that point. In particular, I’d at least try to earn the Thief class weapon before getting Titan to Champion level 100 :stuck_out_tongue:.

Nonetheless, I’d say it’s probably still the most versatile, and a very strong class. Getting it to Champion level 40, with Rock Solid, is realistically the turning point at which you can be very effective in Guild Events (and other battles with scaling enemies, which is what Earnham alluded to), but this is also true for the Sentinel (and Plaguelord) class.

Other classes can be better at filling particular niches. The ones Namour mentioned are good. I’d probably add Sunspear to the list — although it’s perhaps more important mid/end-game — and note that (as mentioned up top) the Thief class weapon (requiring 250 wins with that class assigned to a team) is very strong.

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Thanks for all the great advice. I have a lot better sense of progression now!

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Glad to hear it.

i have looked over Titan class and i dont see anything special, can someone please explain why everyone says its OP, the traits are average and the only skill that seems decent is barrier on gem matches