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Brand new guild ~ Wu-Tang Clan ~ recruiting now

looking for new recruits to join my new guild the Wu-Tang Clan.

any level of player welcome. started at over 19,000 in the league and now just under 9,000. if you like a challenge this is the guild for you.

if you would like to join please leave your gems of war username in the comments below so i can send you an invite. currently 9 spaces available.

become a killer bee today.

now ranking 7,500.

now ranking 5936 in the league. i think a good target would be to hit the top 200.

Yes that would be a good target.
If you are interested in joining an established guild that is almost there, currently rank 345, Realm of the Undead is recruiting.
Three spots open.
Let me know if you are interested.
Mariana, GM

thanks for that shameless plug lol.

It wasn’t a plug it was an offer to help you out.
It’s tough to start a guild better to join an established one.
If not mine then another one in at least the top 500.
Good luck.

i was just kidding. thanks for the offer.

4968 in the league. really need more members for this challenge.