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Bounty (khetar week)

So i reached level 20 and i am using

Ice wraith (mythic)
Lynx (epic)
Weekly capt (legendary)

It’s not so bad but you need a good starting board cause the damn golem keep getting extra health if you not quick enough and that phara also hitting hard

Anyone got better solution? I know i could use only 2 bounty troops but im pretty sure someone can find a good team with 3

Pharoh Hound
Ice Wraith
Not sure how far it will get me but working for now

What banner are you using with your team Ricky?

Im using dragon banner

You can go easy with 4 bounty untill level 15

I was using scavenger instead of infernus

I ran as many bounty points as I could until about lvl13, I haven’t paid for a ton of ascending though.

Swapped some out to Pharaoh Hound, Infernus, DB (Bard), Ice Wraith. Hound fills the next two, everything is good. No losses on the last stage so far.