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Bounty bug [iOS]

Ipad Air 2

Not sure it has been fixed or not. It may happen again next event.
This card always moved to middle of screen, it happened some times randomly, can not move gems around it.
Close app and re-open app didn’t work.

This isn’t an Invasion issue because neither of those AI troops appeared in Invasion mode. Both show up in the later stages of the Bounty event. Assuming that’s what you meant, please change your thread title to reflect that.

And I also had issues with troops shifting around during the event. Thankfully, mine never covered the gem board.

Edit: can you search for the Bug Reports template and use that for your post? Adding information about what you did right before the Coral Golem moved would be helpful, as would information about whether this was reproducible.

I had the same thing happen, drakulus cast sent coral golem to that spot. Later in the same match a rift lynx cast sent him back to the right but half covering the remaining troop.

I captured video of events leading up to both occurances with ps4, but i have no idea how to post or link to them here.

If dev’s would find this helpful, feel free to contact me and tell me how to get these vids to them. @Ozball ?

Thanks, my mistake.
It is Bounty mode, screenshot time is last Saturday, is’s not fixed in that event period, I searched wrong key words, not sure fixed or not.

I don’t think this is even a specific Bounty bug. I remember seeing up to 3 screenshots just like it this week. It’s been happening pretty much since the new UI came out and seems related to submerge.