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Bound servitude

Hi guys! I’m new in this community and I like the game. It’s really addictive. I got a little problem and I don’t know how to solve it😁. Tell me please what I have to do for the new event “Bound servitude”. I really don’t get it. Where should I find the “Explore”. Thx in advance


Every kingdom has an explore button. Just click the kingdom on the map and you will see a menu like the one above. Since this event calls for killing yellow troops in Explore, you might want to start with Whitehelm since it has the most yellow troops.

You could also try Explore in Divinion Fields and Drifting Sands since they have a lot of yellow troops. Basically, you get event points for killing any yellow troop in Explore mode in any kingdom. It’s just that some kingdoms tend to have a bigger concentration of a certain color.

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Small addition, you need to complete the kingdom quest line to unlock Explore mode.


Thank you a lot!:hugs:

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Thank you!:blush:

Welcome, never be afraid to post and ask questions! Most importantly, have fun!