Boss battle being a bit powerful?

Please someone tell me why in the boss battle the creatures are at level 40 and we can only raise our monsters at level 20?

Because they are bosses.

And they don’t get kingdom or guild skill bonus.

Like the dungeon, this mode is supposed to get difficult, then more difficult, then more difficult until it’s almost impossible to win. It creates a situation where you constantly have to ask yourself, “Do I win this match and face something harder in return for getting more points per match, or do I stop here?”

I think there are things about it that are frustrating, but it seems tuned fairly well. For some reason they just put the most annoying ones up front.


The only thing making the raid difficult this week is the highly annoying dust devil!

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I’ve reached a battle where I have the boss, a Dust Devil and an Ancient Golem that is dealing 80 true damage a pop. While Dust Devil is definitely annoying, having an Ancient Golem that can one hit me at 12 mana is by far my biggest annoyance this week!!


Tbh I hope and pray the dust devil is there because it only does 5 damage still. The problem is that there are exploders - such as Dragonmoth or transformers such as Erinyes and looping Zul filled in 1 loop. Ofc there’s still skulls falling into perfect symmetry or skull traps everywhere.

Maybe allow 1 choice of troop to the player from the entire pool of troops? I thought I had it sussed using orbweaver class to produce giant spiders as mana generators but they just don’t pop soon enough as hero killed in a couple of hits. Same with Keeper and the 50% chance to produce a Wight on enemy death, just not seemingly happening much.

I do like the summon on the boss slayer, that could be the way forward in other modes?

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My tactic in previous raids has been to use Mang hero in 1st slot and hit boss straight away to steel armour (which adds 100+ to your attack) then just skull attack each opponent for easy win. Having dust devil on opposition ruins this plan, and aside from that almost always seems to put boss slayer troop in 1st slot who then dies too quick from opposition skull attacks.

Amen to this!

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I start with Mang in first place and the Boss Slayer in second, unless the enemy has Dust Devil, in which case, I swap them so the Boss Slayer gets knocked to the back and Mang is now up front.

It’s unlikely that the enemy will get DD off again before Mang takes their front fighters down :slight_smile:


Very good idea, I stupidly thought that dust devil attack just randomly arranged your troops, but I did figure out last night that it just knocks first troop to the back and shuffles every other troop up 1 space. This is the tactic I will now be employing when enemy has 1 dust devil. Now if they have 2 dust devils, that’s even more annoying!

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Okay then, where in the world you get Many weapon?

By level your hero masteries each time you level your hero.

When your hero is level 200 and you have all color masteries to level 40. You will get every weapons possible beside the event weapons

Get Red/Brown Mastery to 40 base value each. Base value means the points you put into it at level up, other bonus points do not count.