Bonnie Rose and Pixie Search for Legionnaires Recruits

On a calm, warm day at dawn, the bright sunlight flickered across the harbor town of Blackhawk. Bonnie Rose, a kind and good natured pirate if there ever was one, had awakened for the day determined to set out on an adventure. She had a ship and hired a close nit crew of Deckhand friends who’s name had simply eluded her, but as Krystara with in a constant state of turmoil, she would need to hire some muscle to take with her should conflict rear its head on this adventure.

It’s hard to find good help on a budget but Bonnie had tirelessly saved her earnings from her own hard Deckhand work on other ships and had amassed 2 million gold for which to find a few good fighters worth their mantle in a scuffle. When it comes to amassing a crew in Krystara, there is only one reliable way to find adventure companions, the chest lottery. Many warriors from all over the realm give their services to mercenary companies who put their contracts in chests that may be opened with keys that are bought for a price. Some keys are presented to fierce warriors for the glory they earned in battle, others are quick to sell you keys to open the chests for all to precious gems.

Now gems are not as plentiful as they would seem, they surely do not grow on trees and the most reliable way to earn them is to be gifted them as tributes from grateful people you’ve helped along the way. But there is a simpler way to earn access to chests containing contracts to warriors who’s exploits are so mythical they echo throughout the land, and this is investing. There are many creatures who have work that needs to be done but lack the financial backing to see these tasks through. Fronting the gold for these tasks are always rewarded. Often various keys, empowering stones, spreading your good name to that your glorious standing in the eyes of your peers will have merit, or occasionally they will give you a contract to a fierce fighter upfront.

Bonnie’s gold seemed insufficient to hire the appropriate muscle for her adventure, so she went to the town square to to see if she may be able to find a bargain on fighters for her trip to come.

“Hi there.” A young and shrill voice caught Bonnie’s attention. Bonnie turned to see a young Fey dressed in an auburn leotard with long auburn hair.

“Can I help you?” Bonnie asked.

“I’m Pixie…” The Fey began. “I hale from the Bright Forest. Are you in search of worthy adventurers?” Pixie asked.

“I am in fact.” Bonnie replied. “That is very perceptive of you.”

“Not so much.” The creature claimed. “I’m looking for people looking for adventurers, I’ve been asking everyone I encounter and you’re as good as any.”

“Are you good in a fight? It’s what I’m currently in search of.” Bonnie told the Fey.

“I can handle my own but I have other ways to contribute.” Pixie said.

“Go on.” Bonnie said, willing to hear Pixie out.

“I am a member of a guild, Hoguns Legionnaires, in fact. We all are going on an adventure together and have a few spots to fill. All our members contribute at least 500k gold a week and we pool those funds together to invest in many patrons tasks that will give us many keys to get all the muscle for our trips then we could every need.” She said, laying out the goals of her guild. “And on top of that, although there is no requirement to do so we also fight Zuul when he comes around, and demolish those wicked towers that seem to sprout up once a month. We where rewarded the top prizes on our last excursions with Zuul and Tower Crashing even though we don’t have to, we all work really hard together.”

“I’m intrigued.” Bonnie replied to Pixie. “Do you have anything else to offer?” She asked.

“Those rewards we where gifted for fending off Zuul where neat, 1 big and 4 small red orbs. We where very excited but they changed colors really fast, mine changed to a big green orb 2 small green orbs and a small blue and purple orb. The blue one is my favorite it made everyone jealous of me. This one guy, his changed to 1 big and 4 small green orbs, he was very bitter, the green orbs have this dark power to suck the happiness out of any soul. Also, the 1st Friday of every month is when new fierce warriors places their contracts to become available to enlist. Despite not needing to we usually ban together and do extra errands around various kingdoms for seals there’s a vender who goes to every kingdom weekly and will trade 20 seals for a gem key, but only if we’ve earned 40k in that particular week, he always seems to know when they’re old but we can band together when earning them. We’re not required to but every bit helps. It’s been many, many months and we’ve yet to fail to collect enough on this one day at least. ” Pixie said. “We also plan to conquer Dooms in the Nature Tower when available, we don’t require it but left unchecked they can spell disaster for Krystara. We all want do do our part, those orbs the kingdoms gift to us for our hard work are very enchanting, I was told once I should collect 24 big orbs that are green, orange, and blue I’m not sure why but I feel compelled to do so… i hope it’s something good”

“Sounds good to me.” Bonnie replied. “How do I sign up?” She asked overjoyed to have some real comrades on her adventure.

“Go to a place called Discord, they will get you set up and you’ll be ready to contribute.”

“Thanks so much, Pixie.” Bonnie said, expressing her gratitude. “This means a lot to me to have a group to set out with, getting past that Kraken after all will be no easy task.”

“Anytime.” Pixie said. “And it looks like our timing couldn’t be better.”

“How so?” Bonnie asked.

“It looks like your Deckhands are preparing a mutiny.” Pixie motioned to Bonnie’s ship at the dock. “They surely look up to no good. Let’s go show them what a pair of Hoguns Legionnaires can do, girl power.”

And so Pixie and Bonnie went and gave the Deckhands a trashing and went to meet the other Legionnaires, the needed a few more recruits before setting off and they began to ask around. So if you want to join Bonnie and Pixie and the other Legionaries on their journey and can afford at least 500k gold a week, apply Here, we’re waiting for you.