Bone Dragon vs Serpent bug

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Bone Dragon cast his spell to make a hundred skulls, but the serpent used his agility to dodge the damage.
I expected the game to continue as if no damage had been dealt to my serpent but strange things started to happen.
Firstly, when the bone dragon next connected skulls he ignored my serpent and damaged my Celestasia instead. (You’ll see my team in screenshots).
Next, I was able to use my serpent’s ability as normal.
Next, collecting blue mana went toward Celestasia instead of to serpent.
Next, Celestasia could not target my serpent even though it was clearly still alive.
Next, when I made a skull connect, Celestasia dealt the damage, instead of serpent.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

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So, the bone dragon cast his ability, my serpent dodged it. There was possibly a damage animation overlapping the agility animation? Something seemed ‘off’ but I lived, so I was pretty happy and paid less than normal attention.

But then, Bone Dragon attacked Celestasia, (see the depleted armour value).
I thought maybe I had seen a glitch in animation, but the damage definitely went to Celestasia and not Serpent.
So I used the Serpent’s ability to make sure it was in fact still alive, and the ability worked perfectly (I mean, except I got no connect 4’s).
Next, I matched blue and it filled Celestasia instead of feeding the serpent. Then I knew I had a problem, so took that screenshot.
My next move is clearly to take five of a kind purple, but then 3 blue for proof purposes. See below.

You can see here where I matched three blue, and gained no blue mana.

You can see here I am trying to use Celestasia’s ability, and the serpent is not a valid choice.

Great write-up.

The bug is discussed as hopefully being fixed once the google and apple stores reopen and they can release the patch for it. If I’ve linked correctly, this will take you to the fixing it comment:

So it was already known? Heck, I never discover anything :stuck_out_tongue: