Bone Dragon Question

Bone Dragon was released on console today. My question: Is it a good enough troop to spend the glory and buy 6 of them from the shop so I can get it straight to mythic when that feature is released in a few weeks?

decent troop, can backfire and produce skulls for your enemy though sometimes. works better on a opponent with high defense

Get the troop. it will be your linch card at higher levels where the armour is 30 to 60. It is not good now but if you get it then get it maxxed level with full traits and then you the play hits level 200 it will be your holy hand grenade card able to fill the board with skulls.

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So you’ll be getting 1.0.8? That version was all about Trueshot teams. Bone Dragon wasn’t godly, it was at least another tier above that, a single cast will win you about any match.

I believe that I have seen the consoles are actually getting 1.0.85. This modified release has already nerf’d the True Shot exploit that was over-played on the PC/Mobile 1.0.8. So while Bone Dragon is a great troop, it is not as godly as he was in the PC/Mobile 1.0.8 days.

I have already bought my six BDs so I may ascend him to legendary day one of 1.0.85. :smiling_imp:

FYI … here is the link recently posted for the 1.0.85 Patch Notes
Patch Notes for April’s 1.0.85 (Patch notes for April’s 1.0.85 update (PS4, Xbox One))

If you can afford the glory to get 6, I think it’s Very Worth Your Time.

Especially for 1.0.8, Bone Dragon was very strong and a staple of many builds. In 1.0.9, the troop has been brought a bit more in line with its mana cost, but it scales excellently with enemy armor and can form a great backbone to a physical team. It also works very well in 1.0.9 as a defensive foil against a physical team in the first slot due to its third trait – provided you can keep the (relatively squishy) dragon alive. I’d say it’s a good investment.

He does gain a decent amount of armor when he casts his spell, so not really that squishy. .

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