Boards and Gems

Anyone feel like boards literally refuse to drop any colors you need. This is just something ive noticed since monday. Like if my team uses purple yellow and green. Literally there is never any of those 3 colors. Only has been happening to me this week. But its been all week.


That hasn’t been my experience, personally. Things seem pretty normal to me. I certainly get a bad board sometimes and I’ve had a few games where I can’t get yellow/purples to line up for Mercy and that sort of thing, but that is to be expected.

Which platform are you on again? Is it PS4?


If you have a continuous problem, try a different banner.

Ahhh banner the issue?

Im both ps4 and android. Only android issue right now.
Only ps4 issue is justice league hilarity. Lol

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I’m android and it has been normal for me. Sure I get a bad board sometimes but that’s to be expected.

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One thing I’ve noticed (on mobile) is that if your team is missing only one color, you’ll often have a match-4 of that color on your starting board and virtually never of another.

And yes I am well aware that my recall is biased.

I have to say this is not something that I have noticed myself. However if a game is just completely going down hill through a bad move on my part or a bad start board I just retreat