Blur effect hurts my eyes

I’ve wanted to say it for a while, but the forced blur effect on xbox one after round ends hurts my eyes as they try to focus in. Can’t we have an option to disable it please?
@Sirrian please :frowning: it makes my eyes water and hurt


I’m near sighted, which means I see fine up close. When I’m at work, I have my two monitors dragged close to me and I take off my glasses. The blur effect especially messes with me as I can focus on the non blurred center but my eyes are drawn to the blur and can’t focus. So my eyes tire and water :cry:


Some visual effects should really pass trough some rework and have options to turn it off on configurations. The bright flash before the thunder after a victory bothers me a lot and i have, supposedly, a perfect vision.


Have you tried closing your eyes?

If that doesn’t work, make sure it’s plugged in.

IT Specialist Extraordinaire Here-I’ll be here til close, feel free to call any time.

On my case i do close my eyes, but it’s not really effective as the flash is really bright. So, moving my head to not see it is more likely to have a better result.
But could you imagine having to do it eveytime you go through a battle, even worse everytime i beat your nasty team in pvp? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Now seriously, i can’t understand why some of these changes couldn’t be made, surely we are not the only ones that may have issues with some visual effects, but currently we are the ones that have these said issues and that are registred here to voice these issues. And while these are not pressing concerns, considering how the team is working at the GW right now, it would be nice to have some attention to this as well as some of the “Life Improvement” suggestions.


I think what needs to be added here is an actual load animations button in the settings. There are a lot of games where you can shut things like this off. That button exist because after playing a game for countless hours some animations tend to loose their shock an awe appeal and become very annoying. It like playing a game without the option to turn off muisic as well as another toggle to turn off sound effects. Some things tend to grind on people long enough they turn them off or down.

I myself have started to hate the animation when the board is first loading and its adding up all the skills and you see constant bright flashes from your side then the AI’s side. To me this is very distracting, adds additonal wait time that I would rather not have to sit thourgh and also covers over part of the board with the animation while I’m doing my first run through inspection.

I think this is a Quality of Life addon for “toggle switch for turning off game animations”

im near sighted as well and i can imagine how much it would hurt :cry: