Blood on the Sand


Yeah, that’s wierd. At least they didn’t give us 2 Bounty troops in single kingdom, right?



I think if you scream “GET OVER HERE” and tap the top of your device twice while casting Rope Dart, you should burn all enemies.


Well, anyway @Crow, the weapon is working perfectly fine.

Kudos to the devs, this is the kind of weapon we need with decent upgrades that can nulify or mitigate the random board modification ones as we have in this example. The Quick (Extra Turn) upgrade saves us a lot of possible trouble from it’s Solar (Destroy 3 random Red Gems). Yes, sometimes it can still create some setbacks like undoing a possible 4/5 that you would like to take after the Extra Turn, but that’s ok it’s still a decent tactical weapon with many applications on setups that can capitalize on the Entaglement from it’s upgrades too.

In most cases it would be better to not have board modification upgrades in weapons not designed around such effects, but at least the Rop Dart pairs well with Claw Dancer as it gives her the exact amount of mana she needs for her first spell, which would be nicer if it wouldn’t sometimes leave an enemy alive with 1 ~ 4 life remaining…

When will Tricksters Shot be available?

Its just works!


You made a Raksha Bronzelock Pistol?


Good luck with the Faction Event, guys!


Don’t forget to do Sunday Dungeon!
Diamond gain is so amazing today. If you choose to spend 50 gems, you got more than playing other 6 day combined! (158>144)


Don’t think its been mentioned anywhere, but for Christmas, we get 5 Red Pet Food. About as odd as it gets.