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My lineup is the following:

Hero with Mountain Crusher (+2 Brown)




For those of you without Orion, use Dire Wolf.

The new patch changed Darkstone’'s skill bonus from Armor to Magic. Max out Karakoth and Darkstone if you’re looking to max out a kingdom. Attack Bonus and Life Bonus’s should follow after.

The following is an analysis of prospective guild contribution and the rewards associated with the contributions. I want everyone’s input on this so that I can assess the future of the guild once we reach 30 members.

I say the more contributions the better. 10K a week should be easy for everyone.

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I agree… 10,000 a week donations. Those who can’t make it for some reason can give notice. I work and have and a baby and I manage minimum 3,000 daily.

Cool. Thanks for the info

10,000 a week seems fair. Most people seem to be giving that already.
Maybe existing members that are under level 100 could keep the 5,000 min…

10,000 a week sounds fair.

HI all,

What direction would you like Blockbusters to be headed towards once we reach Top 50?

  • We should remain a casual guild (ex: no trophy requirement, small gold requirement, newbie (low level) friendly)
  • We should become more competitive (ex: 50 trophy/wk req, 50,000 Gold/Wk Min req, Allow strictly Lv. 100+)
  • We should become extremely competitive (ex: 200 trophy/wk req, 150k Gold/Wk req, Lv 100+, Aim for Top Leaderboard Rankings [ex; Top 1000])
  • Other Suggestions (If you chose this, please elaborate by replying to this post)

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can’t we raise the requirements a little more gradually?

I joined because I didn’t want to sweat the high requirements of more competitive guilds. I don’t want to feel obligated to play and I’m happy with the current rewards.

I wouldn’t mind a few changes but 50k/week is more than double the current requirement. When I joined (not that long ago) the minimum donation was only 5k. So it will have jumped by tenfold in a pretty brief period.

Maybe… if everyone’s gunning to be more competitive… we could move to 20k? And think about increasing in increments like that?

I dunno, I’m just not enthusiastic about this.


This is certainly something we can look into. How often should we increment these requirements? (Ex: Every 10 or 20 guild ranks)

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I like the Idea of an increase every so many guild levels for gold and Trophies

I still have 6 cities to raise to level 10

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great idea of raising the requirements per guild level. I like that. I am also still leveling my kingdoms and have to play a lot of PVP to get all this gold.

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I think with the last increase we rose quickly. With another small increase we will rise quickly again. Then perhaps another increase. This method seems to be working well for us.
150,000 per week would be a little much for me because I’m trying to level my kingdoms. Hopefully by the time that happens I’ll be ready for such an increase. Thanks for listening.

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50K is quiet easy once all kingdoms are upgraded but it can be a lot for people still upgrading (which quiet a few ppl in our guild are doing). We should try recruiting new people who can meet this…

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In my opinion, we should stay newbie friendly, but we need active player too, so my suggestion is:
a) 100/150/200 trophies & current gold requirement,
b) “champion of …” title & current gold requirement.

We have a number of guild members who do not even earn free keys from pvp (for “champion of” tittle).

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I want to be able to take a week off now and again. I’ve built up a nice gold reserve so I can donate if I take a break from playing but I can’t save up trophies.

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I’d be happy to become more competitive but I agree that 50k in a week is tricky uNeil I get rest of the kingdoms upgraded (still got over 10 to go).

I put in about 30 or 40k at the moment and the trophy requirement would be easy enough I think but if the gold requirement could go up to 35k for a while then maybe up to 50k it would help.

I’ll vote for more competitive though as that’s closest to my preference

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I’m glad we got many votes in. 63% have voted in favor of a more competitive experience. However, more than 80% of you that have voted, also have shared the sentiment of wanting to complete or max out all of your kingdoms before taking a huge leap. At the moment, I am leaning towards small, incremental donation (Ex: 5k Gold) requirements every 15-20 ranks. So perhaps at rank 45 we can implement this.

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