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Blessed Doesn't Always Cleanse [NOT A BUG BUT REPORTED]

Platform, device version and operating system:
Xbox One S

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Essense of Evil was cast on the second troop in my group applying all negative status effects. After the first troop was killed off, allowing the second troop to become the first ally, I cast the Moon Rabbit spell: Convert all Blue Gems to Yellow. Give X life to all other Allies. Then Bless the first Ally.

However, when I cast the Moon Rabbit spell, my first ally wasn’t cleansed nor did it become blessed.

A blessed troop is supposed to be “Cleansed and Impervious to all negative Status Effects, Devour, Mana Burn, and Mana Drain.” (At least until they either deliver skull damage or cast their spell.)

In all similar situations, the blessing worked properly–it only seemed to happen with the Essense of Evil weapon.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It’s quite a specific circumstance, but haven’t been able to replicate.

Steps to make it happen again
Have the Essense of Evil cast a spell on the second troop, allow the first troop to die (so second troop is first ally), then cast the Moon Rabbit spell.

I searched the forums to see if anyone else encountered this, but couldn’t find anything. If I’m missing something which makes Essense of Evil immune to cleansing (so far, I’ve not had a problem cleansing the first troop using Moon Rabbit or all troops with Divinia), please let me know.

I have the video uploading now, and I’ll try to find a way to post it once it’s done.

Blessed won’t land if the target is Cursed, but rather just cancels out Cursed (ditto for Cursed versus Blessed, Cursed doesn’t land or dispel and only cancels Blessed). This is the intended way the mechanic works, but it could probably be better documented.


Thanks for the explanation, but if that’s the case, then “cleanse” needs to be removed from the description of blessed because in all other cases, cleanse works on a troop who is cursed. I’ve done this several times using Divinia who cleanses, but doesn’t bless a troop. And if blessed can’t land, then it can’t cleanse.

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Bless is a double layered action effect, depending on the affected troop. It has: layer 1: remove curse, layer 2: cleanse+grant impervious.

If target is cursed, it removes curse and that’s all, the other layer don’t hit in.
If target is noy cursed, it cleanses and grants impervious, while the first layer doesn’t hit in.

The worlding should be changed to include the remove cursed effect too. The correct description would be Removes cursed OR cleanses and grants impervious.


Again, it goes back to wording. Nowhere does it mention that blessed only removes cursed, it specifically says it cleanses and in their own documentation, it says all negative status effects can be removed if a troop is Cleansed…and the first thing blessed should do is cleanse a troop.

So, it’s either a bug or the definition of blessed needs to updated.

And problem solved.

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Not really because cleanse means to remove all negative status effects (not just cursed or one at a time), so saying “or cleanse” is pointless…either it cleanses or it doesn’t.

The use of “or” means one or the other will happen…if your troop isn’t cursed and it chooses to remove curse, the troop is screwed. If it chooses to cleanse then it should actually cleanse the troop.

As it is now, using Cleanse on a troop (outside of blessed) will clear it of all negative status effects, period…not just cursed. Blessed is supposed to be like Cleanse with a bonus, except it doesn’t actually cleanse.

So, cleanse should be removed from Blessed or Cleanse needs to clarify that it will remove curse first pass, all other negative effects second on the next pass.

Hope that makes sense. Not trying to be deliberately dense, just trying to point out a flaw in the logic.

Cursed doesn’t quite fit in the negative status zone, as you can curse an impervious troop, for example.
Same goes for blessed, it doesn’t quite fit in the positive status zone, as it’s multi layered and have multiple effects.

Curse and blessed are a third category of statuses themselves.

Using OR would actually make sense. It means you can’t have both side effects active in the same time. It doesn’t mean that the choice of side effect is random tho; compare it with Tinsentail’s spell, that says It had a chance tp dp X or Y or Z. Blessed doesn’t have a chance to choose between effects, it’s 100% anti-cursed, or 100% cleanse/impervious.

If target is cursed, it will remove curse but not cleanse and give impervious; if target is not cursed, it won’t remove curse but it will cleanse and grant impervious instead.

I think I understand what you’re getting at, but I’ll just say the semantics are wrong, the current setup and mechanics are incredibly confusing (needlessly), and rather than use “or” an if/else statement would be better.

Yeah, If/then would indeed be clearer.

Like If target is cursed, remove curse, otherwise cleanse and grant impervious


Yep, exactly.

(I will say, though, using Cleanse in the description will still bug me because any other troop that cleanses will remove Cursed and all other negative effects in one go, so having Cleanse in Blessed is misleading since it can’t properly cleanse a troop if they are cursed. :smile: )


I encountered this today as well, and the game does a pretty job of concealing the true mechanic. With the current state, this is frustrating beyond belief, lost a guild war fight due to making the wrong decisions based on this.

Fight step 1:

Fight step 2:

Fight step 3:

There is no way the information given in this very thread can be deduced from in-game descriptions. So please either fix the help texts, or make moon rabbit actually cleanse the first troop unconditionally.

Reading through all bug report threads should not be a requirement to understand the game.

Cheers, Gary.