🔥 Blazing Dragons Rank 59 and Level 1709 Guild, all tasks and events and 40k chest completed weekly [29/30]

Blazing Dragons is a veteran guild and looking for a new member to strenghten us!

We consider ourselves as a semi casual guild as we are easygoing, flexible and helpful.

Our requirements are:
400k gold;
800 seals;
100 trophies.

Many members do more then is required so we can all share the fruits of our labor :sunglasses:.
All events are completed weekly and most of the times we get around 10 LT’s. (Most we got was 19).
All tasks are usually completed on monday/tuesday.

What we are looking for:
An active member who can meet the requirements and participates in all events.
We prefer someone who has all kingdoms at level 10 and is level 500+, but this is negotiable.

Communication - Our rule is that if you are inactive for 7 or more days without prior notice, you will be kicked from the guild. But there are many more important things then this game. So when life or stuff happens, just communicate and let us know. We don’t kick people when life interferes. We appreciate every single guild member, so it’s good to communicate if you can’t meet the requirements and we will understand :smile:.

Discord is not required, so you don’t have to worry about that. Our guild chat is active.

As head of the HR department, let me know if you are interested in joining so I can handle things further :muscle:.

Update: All spots have been filled now.

We have a spot open again! So if someone likes to join, let me know!