Black Rhino Has Left The Building


Black Rhino has officially quit playing Gems of War. Figured I’d crash the servers with this announcement.


*Because in the end, it’s everybody versus everybody. Calm down. :wink:





Is this one of those horror movies where they think they’ve killed the monster but nobody actually makes sure it’s dead and then it comes back and kills everyone?


Does that mean he wont be talking out his ass anymore?


Not sure if you remember the X-Files episode ‘Squeeze’.(A must see!)
But I am sure that Black Rhino is that person in it…

He just always comes back…


Lol my wife & I have been rewatching all the episodes in order recently (neither of us watched it consistently when it was on tv) so I definitely remember this character (he was in at least two episodes). Creepy bastard!


Lmao 10 characters


You forgot the “F.” “Lmfao.” It’s a longer way to write a period, and can stand in for any punctuation mark. For example, as a period:

Not cool at all bro lmfao

Or as an exclamation mark:


Or even as a question mark:

Who wants to join the #winners amirite lmfao

It’s versatile, compact (only 5 characters, when before you might have had to, I dunno, hold shift or something to make your exclamation mark, or maybe let go of the caps key!) and most of all, Rhino-approved. So what are you waiting for lmfao

Shhhhhh! Don’t tell Lyya! 🤫
Maugrim Woods Kingdom Rework... Rework

May the god have mercy on the souls of the people who’ll have to deal with him next.


Why did he leave this time?


Does anyone even SLIGHYLY care? Or give a sh1t?




Why the double period?


Why do I feel like you’re just setting us up for a series of really bad sequels like Beverly Hills Cop or Home Alone ? :frowning:


I have absolutely no idea who this person is, or why i should care to generate a reason to try to make them stay and play.


ow come on I loved Wonderland!


Honestly, I was just trying to find something to stir up some conversation since game chat is broken so often right now. Amazing how much you miss it when it’s gone!


That’s a good reason to join our Line chat ET. BlackR was the only one who went nuts with stickers, and he’s left the group. You can turn off notifications so they don’t bug you (I did). At least you can contact your guildies when chat is down :slightly_smiling_face:


Bah. My phone is only of average intelligence (not completely dumb, but certainly not smart) so LINE isn’t for me. :angry:

Yeah, yeah…I know you can do it on computer too, but I’m dumber than my phone about that stuff. :expressionless: