Black Manacles (Secret weapon?)


I note that a weapon called Black Manacles ( 6 damage to all + 20% chance to consume random enemy) is included in the special offer section today. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a weapon ‘for sale’ that has not been previously available to players in game. I note also that it isn’t in the weapons listing either !
I wonder when/if it will become available to the rest of us?


Should get it when you level up. It’s 50 brown/purple mana I think.
I got it earlier this evening.


I guess you level 1000 folks will have to submit tickets again :stuck_out_tongue:


Nobody forced them to reach level 1000 :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahh…thanks - I will submit a ticket !


A few typos on the card / wrong keyword?

  • capitalisation of Chance (again)
  • consume instead of Devour?

Lol at 10 event chest opening fixed sorry took me awhile :D

I’ll get to Full to distribute the weapon to all level 1000’s when he gets back from lunch!



Perhaps he already has, as I’m using them right now.


Got one today. My level 822


Aha! Well that’s Full. Always on the ball.


Nice one and powerful ! Yay!


God did!
He appeared to me and said: “Charles, you have to reach level 1000 or the world will end!”

So I took my two tablets and played non-stop for weeks… and saved the world!

True story! :no_mouth:


Such modesty with your bravery and hard work too… we are not worthy :wink:


I know! Right! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’d find that very disturbing… mostly because my name isn’t Charles…


I am pretty sure God was talking to Professor X :smiley:


As long as he wasn’t talking to Sparkgrinder.


Too late to edit… I meant Mr.Sammy… GoW mixed with RL.


And now we know your true name! Mr. Charles Sammy! Muhahaha!


Now, you just need a hair or a drop of blood to control me! :cold_sweat:

huh, look at that, there are actually a few Charles Sammy…