Black Manacles (Secret weapon?)

I note that a weapon called Black Manacles ( 6 damage to all + 20% chance to consume random enemy) is included in the special offer section today. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a weapon ‘for sale’ that has not been previously available to players in game. I note also that it isn’t in the weapons listing either !
I wonder when/if it will become available to the rest of us?

Should get it when you level up. It’s 50 brown/purple mana I think.
I got it earlier this evening.

I guess you level 1000 folks will have to submit tickets again :stuck_out_tongue:

Nobody forced them to reach level 1000 :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahh…thanks - I will submit a ticket !

A few typos on the card / wrong keyword?

  • capitalisation of Chance (again)
  • consume instead of Devour?

I’ll get to Full to distribute the weapon to all level 1000’s when he gets back from lunch!

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Perhaps he already has, as I’m using them right now.

Got one today. My level 822

Aha! Well that’s Full. Always on the ball.

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Nice one and powerful ! Yay!

God did!
He appeared to me and said: “Charles, you have to reach level 1000 or the world will end!”

So I took my two tablets and played non-stop for weeks… and saved the world!

True story! :no_mouth:


Such modesty with your bravery and hard work too… we are not worthy :wink:

I know! Right! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’d find that very disturbing… mostly because my name isn’t Charles…

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I am pretty sure God was talking to Professor X :smiley:

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As long as he wasn’t talking to Sparkgrinder.

Too late to edit… I meant Mr.Sammy… GoW mixed with RL.

And now we know your true name! Mr. Charles Sammy! Muhahaha!

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Now, you just need a hair or a drop of blood to control me! :cold_sweat:

huh, look at that, there are actually a few Charles Sammy…