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Bizarre restrictions

In Riddles in the dark the weapon type is restricted to … all weapon types.
Which is a very strange limitation on its own, but it makes searching for a weapon even more annoying than usual, doubly so when you have a campaign task that requires you to use a specific weapon type.


Well it´s restricted to weapons that use blue mana…
Had to switch my Mountain crusher to Jar of eyes…(What a stretch)

Hey, we noticed this and have already fixed it for the next update, version 5.1.

Unfortunately, it requires a client update so it’s not something we could fix on the fly for this week’s event.

Sorry about this, I know it’s inconvenient.

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Will you be fixing anything else in 5.1?

Yes but changes are still waiting to be verified so I don’t want to post about too much until it’s confirmed.


Troop balance/changes needs to be a priority if it isn’t it’s been far too long. I don’t even recall when the last troop balance was.

The Weapon filter is a programming task not a design task so there’s no overlap.


When I see things like this I can’t help but think its more like this “yes but we are checking to see if we can monetize this somehow before we just fix it.”

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Oh jeez. That’s just PR speak for we are basically gonna do nothing… again. But hey we’ve introduced more opportunities for u to open your wallet . Ffs.


The credibility of yours and Saltys PR is in the abyss.

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It means we don’t consider a bug fixed until QA has tested the fix and has confirmed it is indeed working as intended. I try not to announce something is fixed in the next update unless I know for sure it is actually fixed.

I tested the Weapon filter myself so I could reply to this thread which is why I could post about it.