Bishop to King 4

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New Troop: Bishop

The Bishops of Gard are the regional leaders of the Faith of Gard. Each province surrounding Whitehelm has its own Bishop, answerable to the Arch Bishop in the capital.
A Bishop has many jobs beyond being a leader of the faith, including acting as a magistrate, and also as an advisor to local Lords and Nobles.

New Troop: High Paladin

Unlike the Bishops, the High Paladins remain in the capital of Whitehelm, each one leading a company of knights, who can can ride out at a moment’s notice when aid is required.
The High Paladins, answer only to the King himself, but are otherwise quite autonomous, and will often deploy themselves either at their own whim, or the whim of the Arch Bishop.

Troop Balance


  • Mana cost increased from 20 to 22
Troop Refunds The following troop is available for refund this week: * Famine

Please be aware that the Famine changes won’t go live until the weekly reset, so as not to affect any remaining Guild Wars battles.

Guild War Points Change In next week's Guild War, we'll be modifying each day's points from 50/100/200/400/750 to 100/200/300/400/500 (same total points, just distributed differently) We'd like to even the point values out a little, so the earlier fights are worth more... just so we're not as heavily disadvantaging anyone who loses a game and can't make it to the Paragon battle.

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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So Famine now has the same manacost as Jotnar, while doing twice the damage and manadraining the entire enemy team.
But Jotnar doesn’t receive any buffs because you want to “buff him indirectly” by changing other troops…yay balance.


Any update about the incorrect overall scores?

:shield::shield::shield: High Paladin :shield::shield::shield:

Oh babby :scream::grin::clap::pray:

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Look like @Vangor will have some correction to do in his sheet :slight_smile:

Only 22? meh


Yeah i was also surprise to see this, imo it won’t change the meta

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I love the High Paladins logo on the tummy. Praise the Sun alike logo.


Disagree with the GW points change…

High Paladin looks cool. Will need to bust out my whitehelm team again. :slight_smile:

Now, I wish I had Gard’s Avatar even more!

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RIP Famine. Perfectly fine with this though.

Famine first came out with 1x ratio, 2 stat reduction, and 24 mana cost. It is still greatly buffed from what it originally was upon release a little over a year ago.


I think the Famine nerf is fair. Interested to see how that and the GW point change work out next week.


[quote=“Brakkish, post:11, topic:24498”]
I think the Famine nerf is completely inconsequential as 20 and 22 are essentially the same cost [/quote]
Fixed it for you.


Paladin should be interesting this week. Assuming +25% Whitehelm and +25% either knight or divine, it’ll get the +50% boost

For me that would be 76 armor and 28 base damage, for a 104 point nuke

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To anyone who thinks the devs don’t listen, this is proof they do. They just implemented this suggested this week. Woohoo! That’s going to help with the all or nothing nature making a loss so rage inducing, since the second to last battle is only worth a little less than the last battle you lose.

My defense team has 2 famines, but this nerf seems fair to me. I’ve also seen community suggestions for 22 mana, so another example of the devs listening.

None Of The Above


I’m pretty sure its gonna be whitehelm and divine, we haven’t had a divine boost in a while.

Glad to see the more balancing of the GW points.

I really don’t think a 2 mana increase will have much of any effect for famine, a full team wide mana drain is just so damn powerful.

I predict Gard is gonna be a star this week in GW.

Nah. In lots of battles, one extra turm would have given me a chance to counter Famine. This will provide that chance often enough to make a difference. I’m not among those who thinks Famine should be nerfed to the ground. The game needs troops that are a major threat on defense.


Just that it won’t result in an additional turn most of the time. Most of the time, what would have filled 20 will also fill 22 at the same instance.
I will keep the numbers for my fights this week and compare how often an enemy Famine actually idles at 20 or 21 mana instead of being filled, pretty sure compared to the overall amounts of Famine getting filled it will be a very small number.


Any chance we can extend the same 300 glory for 2 arcane stones deal on the two new troops this week? Pretty please? :grin:

It’s been sooooo long since the last Bloods and Plains!


A 25% to divine will help Ketras a good bit, for me it is +11 armor, +11 life, +8 attack, and +8 magic, giving his nuke an extra 23 damage, pushing it over 100.

So how much Glory is everyone planning on spending this week? This’ll be my largest expenditure thus far, probably going to buy around 100 Arcane Blood and 40 Arcane Plain for a whopping 42,000 Glory. Wonder who will beat that? :wink: