Bird is the Word

FYI, everyone, an update containing the new classes is just being deployed. It should show up for you on mobile in the next 30 minutes, OR after a restart/update on Steam.


@Sirrian, @Saltypatra do Guild Wars are going well? Will they start next week?
Have you decided about the bonus for color-of-the-day torops?

I’ve been playing for 2.5 years, and I could probably name every kingdom logo, sure: except they’re too small when they’re in that bottom right corner of the card, just looks like a prickly blur.

I think your response to @Zelarith is a bit harsh, mind; I don’t think there’s any malice intended, or harassment. The made-up stats may be a bit naive, but when you yourself know or remember something, it’s easy to assume that it’s easy for everyone else, which it may not be.

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You are, of course, allowed to think what you like. In my book, calling someone a “special snowflake” simply because you have information that they don’t is harsher.

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You know, no one has even MENTIONED the new suncrest weapon. The Sun Disk


Anyone noticed the drop rates are odd for this event?

I’ve spent 180 event keys, got 8 Garudas and 1 Tezca. That’s an absurdly low drop rate for an epic troop compared to the legendary.

I actually noticed that too!

I only spent 200 event chests and was able to fully mythic and have 4 spare. That’s not my usual luck, which is typically at least double the chests…

6 Garuda, 12 Azquila, 4 Tezca. Something’s not right.

At least you got 4, I only got the one!!

Counterpoint: 50 chests, 2 Garuda, 7 Azquila, 3 Tezca. Sounds about right to me.

Edit: was looking at wrong number. 50 chests, 2/2/3. More in line with what people have been reporting.

I jokingly called myself a special snowflake though.

And it seems, indeed, I overestimated people’s memory, it’s just as @Jainus said, when you memorize something easily, you just tend to expect people will do the same.

There were no ill intentions in my words, I just couldn’t imagine people having such a hard times with those kingdom logos…

Also noticed something wrong in the drop rates.
It feels like Tezca’s drop rates are too low and Garuda’s are too high
Got 4 Garuda, 11 Azquilla and 1 Tezca in 100 event chests.

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200 event chests: 6 garuda, 12 azquila and 5 tezca…

Good thing the Explore Event can earn us three extra Tezca, so at least we have that going for us, which is nice.

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If you want to spend ages hunting down the elusive five naga troops in the explore battles…


There is no advertisement in Ghulvania kingdom for the new story line, this update is being caothic.

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I had the white exclamation mark in the red shield on both android and steam for ghulvania, so for me it worked fine. :slight_smile:


I find that if I’m zoomed out all the way that exclamation mark is covered by Zaejin. So it’s there, just not easily visible when fully zoomed out. (On Android Mobile, haven’t had a chance to check on PC yet)


hmm but not for me, it’s strange.

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I’ve been using this team in Explore and it’s decently quick for a non-Mechanist-Bombot setup:

DeathKnight*** with Anu Scepter (or any mono-blue weapon)

Sac the DeathKnight for a first-turn team DeathMark and hopefully fill Rowanne. If one or more troops die to DM it’s a Rowanne team wipe. Valk is there to add more blue if need be.

Haven’t tried this in PvP yet but it possibly could be viable. Could sub in Death or Tesla for the split dmg dealer that uses blue.


Is mist of scales the best place to explore for nagas?

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