Bigger/more visible mouse pointer

I don’t know if it’s just me, but i have an incredibly hard time keeping up with the mouse pointer while playing. It’s soooo tiny, and the background has plenty of areas with similiar colors, so I lose track of it. I’ve tried chaning screen resolution settings in windows and in the game, and i’m currently using the biggest mouse pointer windows got. It doesn’t help though.
Oh, and also i have some kind of mild colorblindness, i see the colors of the gems just fine, but the pointer just disappears annoyingly often.

So my request is that you add an option that perhaps gives you the alternative of changing the size of the pointer, or just use a background that doesn’t intervene with the gameplay.



I’m colorblind, too, but strangely don’t struggle as much with the cursor as with everything else. Still, I agree that this would be a nice option. Or, you know, making the board not transparent anymore so that we could all just see better again and have less health problems overall. :wink: Or both.