Better team I have or new one

I currently use summer knight, poison Master, kerberos, giant spider. I’m only about a month in and this team has made pvp easy, I win most of my matches. Can I make it better? Summer knight really became my all-star when I thought kerberos would be, she sometimes singlehandedly handles a team without any devours from kerberos. I rarely even use giant spider, there’s gotta be something more useful for that spot. I have 1 mythic, plague and my legendarys are Amira, Artema, carnex, dark monolith, divine ishballa, Dracos 1337, hydra, keeper of souls, kerberos, king highforge, king mikhail, krystenax, leviathan, Orion, grapplepot, scylla, sol’zara, Tesla, the Great maw, the silent one, umber wolf, venoxia. Let me know what you all think.

If you have tesla you could make

Dwarven Gate
Dwarven Gate

Focus on filling valkyrie and firing off the gates to power up Tesla.