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Beta Symbols for the New Beta


I was just wondering if the new set of Beta testers will be getting a Beta tag here on the forums, and if so, if we should contact someone about that.



We asked about this since 5.0 beta but because the beta was moved to discord instead of via the forum we were told it wasn’t needed anymore

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Neener neener.

To be honest, beta testers should enjoy their anonymity. Once it becomes known that you saw early versions of the game, you become (in the eyes of some) partially responsible for the state of things at release. So if you’re a beta tester, you may wish to keep that a secret for now, since revealing it puts you on the hook to try and defend confusing or frustrating design decisions.



Memory is slightly fuzzy on this, but I believe this was the reason why the last couple rounds of beta testers did not receive the form “mark” on their avatar. Also, what @Hawx said.