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Best Xathenos team set up?

I forged Xathenos when I hit the 4000 diamonds the other day, instead of waiting for Abyssinia to be back in rotation. Having second thoughts already. I know many troop team setups that would have benefited from having aby in there. However, I have yet to find the perfect fit for Mister X. I originally had Sunweaver, Crimson Bat, Draakulis and then Xathenos but have settled on Green Seer, Giant Spider, Yasmine’s Choice and Xathenos as layout. Yasmine does all the heavy lifting. X is there in last place for his immunity to devour and summoning if needed. What troop setups have you found that work with him?

Is Xathenos really worth the price?

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No, well, maybe so to someone that is more hardcore than me that just uses gems as leisure time waster.

I wanted the 100% achievement though because I have teeny-weeny xbox achievement score being as this ( gow ) is basically the only game I play. Even in the xbox lego ones, my son is always like “drop out mom, drop out”.

I have been told that Xathenos is beneficial in gwars with summoning, so I will have to get back to you about that function. I was asking others that have him what they are running, but the few I know just show him off like a bride with a new diamond or a middle aged man with a red corvette and then get back to business with other troops.


I had a few goes with him via necrezza and watched a few videos to confirm my suspicions. He’s just not worth it if you are missing troops like famine, ketras, abynissia and Pharos-Ra.
He really needs to be in last position, most of the troops he summons are shit, block his mana and are only summoned if he kills a troop. So I’m glad I crafted famine instead. I know this doesn’t help you but I think people crafted him just to get the trophy /achievement and didn’t really research mister x enough to even think if he’s any good.
Instead of trying to build teams around him I suggest forgetting about him and look at the next troop you craft and be sure it’s the one you need, rather than the one you want.
I’m not being rude, I just sense a little bit of regret and justification for crafting him in your post.


I am now saving forge’s diamonds for Abynissia unless by some miracle she pops out a chest and says “surprise”

My entire Guild has him, I’ve been keeping an eye out in Guild chat/Xbox clubs for a decent team with him in it… so far nothing.

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A good team is: Orc, Thrall, Skullbeard, Xathenos.
Lots of mana to get Xathenos up and running for multiple casts. Orc and Thrall are squishy and will probably die mid-game, then Xathenos summons more troops.
One thing I haven’t seen mentioned: In the text, Xathenos says it summons 1-3 undead, but actually, he summons 3 troops EVERY TIME! Of course, if there’s less than 3 slots open, he’ll summon less.


I been making sure in free time to farm for all my “undeads” so that all are at mythic and fully traited, if and when he does summon that way he brings out power. I read also about putting weak troops ahead of him. I keep you informed if I find the magic formula!

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Been quite happy with Gorgotha, Valkyrie, Euryali, Xathenos on Yellow days. Euryali with the aoe damage, Xathenos for the finishing touch on softened troops. (Xathenos is undead, to boost Euryali’s damage)

Xathenos “can” be good; it’s just overcosted on its mana. I’m definitely in favor of a retool/buff.

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