Best wishes for Salty from the players community

Agreed. No one should be threatened in real life over a game, that’s beyond ridiculous.

Salty, I hope you’re well and just ignore those trolls and arseholes.

If it ever feels like we’re giving you a hard time, it’s because we care about this game. None of it is personal.


The incredibly sad part is that this isn’t the first time this has happened. A few years ago it also happened to Sirrian… :frowning:


We are all human so it’s easy to say “don’t be scared” entirely different to live it.
Keyboard Warriors don’t wield a blade and are cowards hiding behind screens.
Anytime you decide not to live your life and do your job because of fear, you are giving them power that they don’t deserve.
I don’t know what the laws are in AUS but in the US any death threat is taken seriously regardless of platform. So I hope if what I’m reading on here is true, then you’ve gone to the proper authorities about it.
Otherwise I wish you well Ms. Salty. I wish I could tell you to stay away from social media but it’s your livelihood so I get it. Only ignorant fools get upset over such trivial things to the degree that they feel hate over it. Just practice every day not to take it personal. They don’t know who know you really are. They only know what they choose to see you as. And unfortunately, when it comes to public figures, they choose to paint you as negatively as they can… When really all their making is a self portrait of themselves.


salty did say she was an avid 4chan user back in the day who’s to say she isn’t taking this vacay to retreat into her evil plotting lair to extract her revenge on those what were threating her


Ugh really? That happened?

People who make threats like that are dangerous and I hope Salty’s OK. Even if the physical threat isn’t there this shit leaves psychological trauma. Nobody deserves that, for any reason, period. People who inflict it deserve nothing.

It’s not a joke.


Sadly, this type of horrendous behaviour has happened before which in no way diminishes the impact on the targets of all this vitriol and hate.

Sorry this is happening to you, Salty. We appreciate your being on the front line and for being the face of Gems of War. Take a break, regroup, and return as soon as you can. :hugs:


Stay Strong Salty. No one can get in your head without your permission.

In case you use music to work through the crap that life throws at you sometimes, here are a couple of my go-to’s:

“Just Keep Breathing”
Artist: We The Kings
Album: Somewhere Somehow (2013)

“The Middle”
Artist: Jimmy Eat World
Album: Bleed American (2001)


@Saltypatra as I said in previous post, i really respect you for your courage to reply all the negative feedback players has and to still stream on twitch.

Be Strong Salty, I’m on your side in this.


@Saltypatra, i’m new on the community, but people usually don’t like bad, mean and sellfish people. Obviouslly, you’re not that kind of people, and i can say this only for the support you are receiving from So, don’t let this people broke you. They’re the worst type of people that exists in the internet: anonymous cowards that throw your frustations on other people. I aways say to my son one thing: if something is bothering you, if you don’t like something that other people say or did to you, talk to that people. But you have to be polite and respectful. What hurt’s the others feelings is not what you say. Is how you say. Talk to other peoples as you like they talk to you.
My most sincere wish that you can pass trough this. (Forgive my english writing mystakes).


I will debate the cost of paint on a gas pump but someone making death threats over a game is a little much. These people need to be put in straight jackets. If they are that mad they need to find something else to do with their time because what they are doing is not healthy, not for them or the people they are inflicting their actions on.


Social media is a hive of toxicity. If you choose to use it then that is your perogative. Stalking: check…threatening behaviour and threats: check. And worse. A person such as Salty has an awkward PR role; trying to appease an increasingly hostile community by imparting the limited information she is allowed to share. The playerbase respect her efforts and recognise that the incessant mistrust and illusions are part of her job description. There is no excuse for cyber or any form of abuse or intimidation. The company could of course minimise the chances of such extreme behaviour by being honest.


I find it hard to believe some people would attack salty on social media.

To @Saltypatra, I hope whatever crap is coming your way doesn’t affect you. Don’t let anyone else’s BS affect you or what you do. I think it’s very clear the community here is on your side!


I felt bad when I upset Salty with one of my comments, I can’t imagine somebody doing it on purpose. I have so much respect for her getting on Wednesday and talking about this. She is a great person and I wish her nothing but positivity in 2020.


@Saltypatra I’m grateful for all you do for Gems of War community. I hope you have a blessed Christmas and New Years


It sucks that people threatened her. On the one hand I think the worst thing you can do is leave even if it’s for a while because at that point you’re actually giving these assholes power but on the other hand this is why I never deal with social media in the first place. No one can talk shit about you if you’re not there. I know some people who do it on a minimal level which is a lot better than using it as platform to expose your entire life. I guess anything you reveal on social media is fair game for people to use against you. It’s unfortunate but if you wanna be community manager be ready to pay the toll but if you decide to just leave there ain’t nothing wrong with not wanting to deal with the headache because I sure as hell wouldn’t want to. Good luck


To break some context to the matter, on Wednesday’s PQ stream, Salty presented her personal theory on why she is being attacked.

She referred to the game as many players’ safe spaces. The transformation of the game over time is removing those safe spaces, which in turn is causing some people to become hostile in response (they see themselves as being attacked are instinctively counterattacking). I can’t disagree with her conclusions. I think she’s hit the bullseye here.

Here’s the thing though. She’s not just being attacked at work, which to a degree is to be expected as the PR person as part of the job. The attacks are following her home. They’re across her social media channels, as well. Cyberbullying is a very real threat, and the anonymity of the Internet only encourages and facilitates such behavior.

Yes, @Saltypatra takes a lot of crap every day. And so does @Kafka, @Cyrup, and does the rest of the support team. But, they also immensely care as well. They are all only human, and no matter the nerves of steel they have to deal with the incoming daily abuse, there’s only so much they can take over a given length of time. As the direct point of contact for most players, Salty ensures a considerable brunt of the incoming flak. If Salty needs to disconnect for awhile, then she should do it for her own mental health.

That’s more important than anything else, even us. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wishing Salty (and everyone else) the best over the holidays,
Lyrian and Lyranica


@Saltypatra you’re the best community manager and I will throw hands on your behalf. Keep being your beautiful, upbeat, dabbing gone wild self, no matter what. You are appreciated over here​:hugs::heart: #bestgirl


I’m just here to say The Middle is a GREAT song when things got you down :slight_smile:

Also ty for all the support for Salty <3
This thread has been a breath of fresh air especially because some of our harshest critics have posted support <3 It helps bring things back into perspective after a hard past month or so.


I don’t play anymore but I logged into my email account where I get forum updates from here and had to reply.

@Saltypatra and every other part of the team here, just ignore the idiots. The game is what it is to whoever it is and it isn’t your actual job, or job as a person to take abuse from anybody.


I’m very late to this thread, because I had no idea this crap was happening. I had a mistaken belief that people could be civilized, even behind their screens.

@Saltypatra, I am so sorry this has happened to you. I know we don’t agree on everything, but there is no excuse for the poison people have been spewing at you. Please believe that the great majority of us appreciate you and everything you do.