Best way to pick up legendaries?

Ok, so with one single legendary pull I will be able to max out my chosen kingdom of Khaziel, but from what I can tell, I have to pull Gorgotha out of a booster pack? If there are no other ways to get a legendary, what’s the fastest way to farm keys?

Hello there!
There are several ways to get keys in this game:

  • the straightforward one: buy them! :slight_smile: iron keys cost 1 000 gold each, so they’re pretty cheap to come by
  • guild tasks: just give to the task that reward keys to the guild members (check beforehand with your fellow guild members if that is ok, but usually people are on-board with these tasks)
  • random drops during matches: you cannot count on it, but sometimes you’ll gain keys just from making a match during a normal fight
  • the arena: you can gain keys by winning matches in the arena as a reward
  • treasure hunt: some chests give you keys (some even give you magic keys!) - you cannot really count on it since the rewards are a bit random, but worst case scenario, you get the money to buy some anyway
  • tribute: when 2 or more kingdoms bring you tribute, you’ll get keys thrown in the mix!

Hope that helps. If you need more info on these different scenarii, I suggest you take a peek in the community guide section. :wink:

The best way is playing the game instead of crying in the forums. :blush: All the methods Archenassa-san said are valid to get Iron keys, you get around 11 Lengedaries per 1000 Keys. So try to get on a good guild to make a lot of keys. For example here in my guild we make avarage 260 Keys a week.

Random question, does the suffix “-san” not imply a man, while Archenassa isn’t one?

The -san identifier signifies showing proper respect to someone you do not know personally, but consider about your equal in social status. -sama would be for a highly respected individual, -dono is an archaic version of -sama, -kun is generally for males you’re very familiar with (close friends or romantic), -chan is for females you’re familiar with, -sensei is specifically for your teacher, -sempai is for someone who has about the same social standing, but still deserves respect, like an upperclassman.

No, I don’t watch too much anime.

What he said. Also, chan and kun can be used for both genders. “-chan” for less formal (or you are more aged) and “-kun” for someone you dont really have the confiance. Also “-chan” can be used on kids, and “-tan” for babies, but it’s less common.

Well, thank you Serale-san for this nice calling! :slight_smile:

Farming for a Legendary can be painfully slow. check out This video Where I open 22 keys. Your best chance to get a Legendary is to buy Magical Keys or Booster Packs. That being said I know people that have 5 Legendary cards just from Iron keys.

Hah. Never say you don’t learn anything from playing Gems of War :slight_smile:

I wish magic keys were a smidge more magical. Twice now I’ve bought a full sack of them (40) and the results were poor. But I guess I still have lots of incentive to keep trying.