Best way to farm seals?

Looks like it will take ~150 pvp battles to get to 1500 seals which is 4-5 times the amount to get to rank 1. Is there a better way?

20 seals per Treasure Hunt Map > 60 moves isn’t a bad way to farm seals either, especially if your guild is getting a Map Turns bonus. 60 moves you can do 90% of the time barely paying attention, in just a few minutes.

From rank 15 to rank 1 = 14*15 = 210 seals
Login each day = 7 * 15 = 105 seals

That leaves 1185 seals to go. At 9 per PVP win that is 132 wins, or 200 to 400 trophies depending on which fight you choose.

Farming explore/challenge on easiest difficulty is still 5 seals each, and they are very fast with a proper setup like Bultaurus and 3x dust devils.

If you have a strong build, do explore on max difficulty for 11 seals per win, but likely faster to win on easiest twice.

And chances are you’ll level up a few times for 10 seals each.

After reaching Tier 1 you could take the 1 Trophy ranked battles to finish it faster and get the seals the same way. :wink:

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I changed my defense to something trivial and farm the 2nd fight. Much faster than the hard and still get enough gold and trophies to meet guild requirements.

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With the guild glory bonus, the single trophy battles give better glory as well.

With a club while they’re young lol

I grind the 1st divinion fields challenge with 4x astral spirit using a yellow/blue banner

On the normal 5 star challenge the highest life amongst enemy troops is 15 (after “bond” triggers)

A level 19 astral spirit with 6 magic bonuses (from kingdoms (2 will need to be 5 starred)) will deal 12 damage and with the boost only needs to hit 9 gems to one shot each enemy (a virtual certainty), just fire off the attacks one after another and your good to go

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Explore on normal is by far the easiest way. 5 seals per fight at 1-2 minutes per fight.

You should also consider the extra XP from higher difficulty. Leveling up more often → more seals.

I wish. It feels like the more I play treasure hunt, the worse I get at it. I used to get 80-100 moves pretty regularly, and a vault or two. Now it’s a struggle to get 60 moves, and I can’t remember the last time I got a vault. Taking the advice I’ve seen here has actually made my performance worse, rather than better, though I may be making errors in actually putting that advice into effect.

I can grind out wins in under <1 minute on Challenges. (I need the minors anyways.)

Valkyrie*** (Powers Rowanne)
Rowanne (No traits = less waits)
Astral Spirit*** (One Shot + Empowered = :heart:)
Mercy*** (Quick Valk Charge)

For Explore I swap out Rowanne with Queen Mab, but due to unpredictability, some battles take long than others. So Challenges are definitely the most reliable for grinding Seals. Not so much for Souls and Runic+ Traitstones.