Best troops farms

Hello everyone,

Which are the best troops to farm;


dont farm experience unless you are level 500+

gold is better farmed by fast killing in pvp (ranked and casual)
so you make a team that kills fast not a team with “merchant” traits

about souls best case is to stuff The dragon Soul in all your teams, it just pays off a longer shot (or any other soul generating troop really)

here is a whole collections of teams
and no, there is not such thing as “one best team” for either

it all depends on your play style, available units, enemy difficulty, and the units stats
some teams will work early game when you and your enemy stats are low, some teams will start working only after your magic goes high, etc

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Alternatively, you can farm Treasure Maps and play the Treasure Hunt mini game for those precious resources.

RNG will dictate most of your rewards, but it’s still worth it, humbly positing. Now, you can even adjust the Animation Speed to “4x” and breeze through them, intentionally or not. :slightly_smiling_face:

Experience, as Annaerith stated, is not worth grinding for, especially at lower levels.

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Buy dragon armour with 500 gems if you haven’t already got it.

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Thank you guys…

I had not seen the option to speed up the game … I did yesterday and wonder haha