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Best Soul Farming Rates | 10,000 - 50,000 Souls Per Hour

Hello everyone! Today I go over the best soul farming teams in Gems of War. This is mainly to go over the basics and advanced techniques for soul farming. I also go over all of the soul rates as of the 4x speed update that has drastically increased the rate at which souls are accumulated.

Teams start at: 6:45

Early Game: Arena, 3k-10k per hour
Easiest to Build: Warlock|Warlock|Valkyrie|Warlock 10k-20k
Best No Mythics: Dragon Soul|Aziris|Aziris|Aziris 25k
Best in Gems of War: Pharos|Pharos|Valkyrie|Pharos 50k-60k
PvP w/ Valkyrie or Dragon Soul: 2k-8k per hour
PvP w/ Best (3x Pharos+Valkyrie): 20k per hour


Thanks Tacet.

My soul farming team is the dragon soul, krystenax, aziris, pharos ra, abyssal banner.

I will try to measure hourly rate, but it’s 390 per fight on warlord 2 with 100% souls armor. Anything easier and the mobs die to quick :slight_smile:

I think TDS beats Valkyrie hands down every time though. You can also use Abyssal banner with TDS too.


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But why three warlocks, and why valkyrie? I’ve yet to understand this.

THis is a very old thread and it was supposedly dead and buried, anyway:

  • Valkyrie because she generates souls everytime she casts. Other troops do the same, such as Dragon Soul, Pharos Ra, Avina, Dark Troll
  • Three Warloks because some troops have Necromancy as a tract. Necromancy multiplies the number of sould the first caster create. Beside Warlock, you can use a range of troops such as Zombe, Sacrificial Priest or several others You may search for “Necromancy” in the troop page and see them all.

To add to Cortaud’s post:

  1. Valkyrie fills up very quickly, especially with the right banner.
  2. Valkyrie’s skill generates souls: very few skills in the game do this but this is how you “farm”.
  3. Warlock uses blue mana and fills up relatively quickly.
  4. Valkyrie’s skill helps you get lots of blue mana.
  5. Warlock’s skill (eventually) can reliably one-shot troops in certain stages.
  6. Warlock’s Necromancy trait boosts the number of souls you get from Valkyrie.

So the way the team works is: you get Valkyrie online ASAP, fire her off, hope some Warlocks fill up. Use the warlocks to kill fools. Fill Valkyrie again, fire her off, use warlocks to finish off. Kablam, in 8-10 turns tops, you’ve got souls.

This is the pattern of most soul farming teams. They’ve got a generator, stuff with Necromancy, something that generates souls, and heavy damage-dealers. You aim to fill up your generator so it can fuel your soul generator, max out your souls for the round, then destroy everything ASAP.

That’s how my current team, Valkyrie, Pharos-Ra, Warlock, Warlock works. Pharos-Ra boosts souls AND generates souls AND does damage that’s boosted by souls. In the average match, I get Valkyrie online in 2-3 turns. She fills Pharos-Ra and he one-shots something. I fill Valkyrie again then pick off the stragglers with Pharos-Ra and Warlock. 315 souls in a minute or so, please and thank you.

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Valkyrie and Warlock are two rather basic troops.
If you have Elspeth and Dragon Soul, you can use Elspeth - Dragon Soul - Zombie - Zombie. Elspeth kills the zombies generating purple, Dragon Soul gains souls and kills everything.
Note: if a Necromancy troop is killed, the team still enjoys the bonus.
If you have Pharos Ra then you are set. :slight_smile:

Anyone got figures or a good team using sol zara and 3 other necromancy troops?

Also is there a mana generator with necromancy?

This is my soul team. I get on avg 300 souls each match.

Define “mana generator”.

  • Acolyte create Brown
  • Flesh Golem explodes
  • Keeper of Souls trasforms a color in Skulls
  • Sacrifice creates gems of 2 colors
  • Pharos Ra changes Yellow to Purple
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I want a soul farm team with a full necro bonus. Maybe sol Zara and sacrificial priest will work in combo, depending on the colours.

At the risk of cross posting, I asked something on another thread, and I would like to link it here instead of just pasting the whole post.

You guys obviously know a LOT more than me, and you are very kind to help me as a newbie. Could you please look?

Ahh just replied to it.

Okay as far as I know there are 3 things you need to know

  1. You only need to get 40 souls per battle. The necromancy takes care of the rest.

  2. Soul generators come in 2 forms; static and magic based. Search for “souls” will give you all the static generators, whereas “soul(s)” will give you magic based ones. At higher level the magic based can surpass static on souls generated.

  3. Search for “necro” to get all troops with necromancy and pharos ra. Each necromancy troops increases the soul cap by 20, pharos ra increases it by 60 before any other bonuses.

Naturally a good soul farm team has as many necro troops as possible, at least 1 soul generator to reach the cap and the ability to win a match quickly. Since there are 2 soul generators with a necro trait, using those should be the most effective, but I would also like some necro troops that generate mana for them to speed up the process.

There’s also another increase of the number of souls after the battle, depending from the armor you wear.
Take into account also that a battle at high difficulty level is perforce slower and also risky. You can reap 100+souls in less than a minute while exploring at Normal and Hard level; this mean you can go soulfarming while you gather traitstones.

I use:

Flesh Golem
Pharos Ra
Mummified King/Sacrifical Priest

All colours covered, Flesh Golem explodes a row to generate mana, Pharos then generates more purple.

It isn’t that quick though, so sometimes I use Carnex instead of Flesh Golem.

Gets me 640 Souls from the dungeon battles.

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